“Don’t Adopt That Dog!” And Other Bad Advice You’ll Hear

Shelter dogs may look cute and cuddly, but do you know the truth about these four-legged friends? There’s a lot of common misconceptions and plenty of bad advice going around about Fidos waiting in shelters, and it’s time we got down to the bottom of it. Here’s some of the worst advice you may have heard about shelter dogs—and 11 reasons you should think twice about adopting that rescue dog.

1. “They have “issues,” or something may be wrong with them.” 

We all have pasts. Shelter dogs won’t judge you while you cry over the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, don’t judge them for their lives before you. 

2. “They’re difficult to train.”

Shelter dogs aren’t just beauties, they have brains, too! They also enjoy tasty treats! Positive reinforcement and a routine can teach any dog new tricks. 

3. “They aren’t socialized well with other animals.” 

A boop is a boop. Love is love. Many shelter dogs are as kind-hearted and agreeable as the people who adopt them. 

4. “They are all older.”

Rescue puppies are the best puppies. 

5. “They are too much work.”

Sure, every dog can be a handful at times. Can they BE any more adorable though?! 

6. “They are unpredictable—who knows what you’ll come home to?!” 

Adjustment takes time, and no one is perfect. Shelter dogs just want to make themselves at home, too.

7. “They won’t bond with you.”

You are literally saving a life when you adopt. No one is more grateful than a shelter dog going home. Give them time and you’ll see just how much they love and appreciate you. 

8. “You won’t be able to go out anymore.” 

If you can’t find a pet-friendly restaurant or bar near you, maybe nights in are more your speed (or maybe you should consider a change of location)! 

9. “You’ll have to create a new Instagram account.”

Think of the followers! 

10. “They will be too old to play.”

Age is just a number, obviously! Senior shelter dogs don’t appreciate ageism, but many of them do appreciate a nice game of fetch. 

11. “It’s a thankless job…”

They may not be able to tell you directly, but we can’t think of a better way to be “thanked” than being showered with kisses and hugs by your new best friend. 

It probably goes without saying, but we encourage you to listen to your heart, instead of listening to those “friends” who try and dissuade you from giving a shelter dog a chance. For more information on why you absolutely should adopt a dog from a local rescue or shelter, visit our #FindYourFido campaign today! Also, check out our adoption tips to get all information you need for bringing your new BFF home.

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