Cat Sitter, Pet Detective & More Fun Jobs

Cat sitter? Pet behaviorist? Which job would you choose?

When I grow up, I want to be a cat sitter or a pet detective. Do you remember that sense of satisfaction you felt when you were 10 and your career goals were etched in stone? That is, until life piled so many other options on top of that stone that you lost sight of your original plans and selected another route, instead. As long as you’re still passionate about animals, though, it’s not too late to return to your first love. Whether it’s as a volunteer, a part-time job or a total career shift, here are a few fun jobs involving pets:

Dog and Cat Sitter/Dog Walker

Of course, we’re partial to this one as Fetch! Pet Care can always use a good cat sitter or dog walker. As long as you have experience with animals we can prepare you to become a working pet sitter in your own area. In doing so, you can spend your days giving love and attention to pets who will love and appreciate you in return.


As a pet groomer, you might work in a single location or even start your own business and travel to client’s homes to provide care. From bathing, trimming and fluffing to painting little toenails and primping with bows, working as a groomer is all about helping pets put their best paw forward. Most groomers acquire their skills by training under more experienced ones and while certification usually isn’t necessary, it can certainly help advance your career. Check with cat and dog groomers in your area to learn more about the opportunities that may be available to you.

Pet Behaviorist

Want to be a cat behaviorist like Jackson Galaxy? Well, guess what? You can! Like Galaxy, most pet behaviorists get their start by simply working with pets in a shelter, as a dog and cat sitter or in any number of other jobs offering insight and experience into pet behavior.

Pet Detective

Lots of animals end up in shelters after becoming lost and, sadly, many end up being killed as a result. For those who don’t end up in shelters, life on the streets can be a harsh and terrifying reality. Cats who’ve slipped away from home are especially among those who are “lost forever” since they tend to often go unnoticed especially in large urban areas. By becoming a pet detective and helping to locate missing pets, you can make a real difference in the lives of these animals and their human families.

Train Animal Actors

Beethoven, Lassie, Benji, Marley, Toto and Trigger…while we are all familiar with these Hollywood legends, many more unrecognizable animal actors are working in film and television every day. Trainers are also needed to work at zoos, theme parks and aquariums with animals who star in shows and special events at these venues. Working as a trainer for animal actors involves a certain amount of tenacity in order to break into the business, but as far as training, itself, that can be acquired in many different ways including learning from an experienced trainer, taking courses for certification and, in some instances, may even require a college degree in an animal-related discipline.

More Pet-Related Jobs

Of course, there are many other jobs, careers and volunteer opportunities involving pets and other animals that you may find just as rewarding and the few we’ve named here. Some of these include a veterinarian, volunteering at a shelter, a vet tech or a vet assistant. You may even be interested in working with larger and more exotic animals as a zookeeper! Whether you choose to become a cat sitter, a pet detective or any of the other options discussed today, as an animal lover, we trust that you’ll love your job and be great at it!

The Most Necessary Skills

For each of the jobs detailed above, you’ll need plenty of experience working with animals. This can be gained by working with your own pets or might even by working as a dog and cat sitter. In addition to experience with pets (and, of course, a love for them), you’ll definitely need lots of patience and compassion, as well as great customer service skills. While your job primarily centers around pets, you’ll need to know how to meet the needs of individual owners and encourage them to repeatedly entrust you with their beloved fur babies.

Your Thoughts

Did this post pique your interest in becoming a cat sitter or to work in some other job involving pets? Do you have questions or comments you’d like to share with our audience? We always enjoy hearing from you and look forward to you chiming in below.

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