Affectionate Serafina Is Looking for a Cuddle Buddy!

Serafina is the sweetest girl in the tri-state area and can’t wait to be your new BFF! 

Miss Serafina is a goofy and playful pup, but she does take some time to warm up to new friends. To help get her to warm up to you, rewarding her with gentle pep talks and yummy treats works like a charm! Then she’ll waste no time showing you her fun side.

Serafina will need an adopter who can keep her busy with lots of fun enrichment and playtime to see her become her best doggy self! She’s a young gal with energy to burn and looking for her partner that can keep up. After getting some exercise, Serafina turns into quite the cuddle bug. Her foster has shared with us that she always wants to be near or on you, especially at bedtime.

Serafina is also very interested in making friends with other dogs but needs to work on speaking “dog” appropriately with them. She’s been taking classes and diligently taking notes! If you are looking for an adorable student to take under your wing, then Serafina might be the one for you!

Serafina is looking for a home in a low-traffic area and would do best in a home with teens and up. She is learning how to appropriately approach and greet other dogs and it’s unknown how she would do with cats in a home. Serafina is reported to be housetrained as well. A Matchmaker can give you tips to help set her up for success in your home!

If you live in the tri-state area and you’d like to give Serafina the life she’s been dreaming of, please visit her profile to submit an application!

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