The Latest Hair Trend Is Perfect For Every Lazy Girl

If styling your hair into perfect waves day in and day out sounds like far too much effort, or if you just can’t seem to master the technique of a Dutch braid, then you are most certainly not alone.

In fact, we’re not even remotely ashamed to admit that more often than not our daily hairstyle is nothing more than a simple ponytail. And as it turns out, we’re not alone when it comes to our love for a simple ‘do, as the latest hairstyle taking the Internet by storm comes in the form of the octopus bun.

The octopus bun is really just another term for the standard messy bun you throw your hair into the second you get home, except it requires leaving the tail strands sticking out of the elastic. For the perfect ‘tentacle’ effect, the ends of your hair should be spread all around, surrounding the entirety of the bun.

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While you can keep it simple and finish there, you can also elevate your octopus bun by adding a variety of different textures to the ends. For instance, they can be curled, styled super straight or even crimped for a unique effect that will look a lot more complicated than it actually is.

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