Only 1% Of Women Know That This Is A Common Symptom Of Ovarian Cancer

Most of us would recognise that something might be amiss if we noticed pain during sex or unexplained bleeding. But there’s another common symptom of ovarian cancer that an enormous majority of women wouldn’t consider as questionable.

UK charity Target Ovarian Cancer recently surveyed 1000 women and found that only 1% knew that needing to pee more than usual can be a sign of the disease.

Further, only one in five recognised that abdominal pain can be a symptom, 3% knew that constantly feeling full is typical sign, and only 21% were aware that bloating can be an indicator.

Ovarian Cancer Australia says that it can be a difficult disease to diagnose due to the somewhat normality of the symptoms. Abdominal or pelvic pain, increased abdominal size, persistent bloating and feeling full after eating a small amount are symptoms that women experience from time to time and are often caused by less serious health issues.

However, three women die from the disease every day making it the most deadly of all women’s cancers, so it’s important to be aware of these issues if they are new for you and you’ve experienced them multiple times over a four week period. If that’s the case, speak to your GP. 

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