My 600-Lb. Life Star Lisa Fleming — Who Lost 200 Lbs. to Get Healthy — Has Died at 50: Report

Lisa Fleming, a formerly 704-lb. woman who was featured on TLC’s My 600-Lb. Life in February, has died at 50, TMZ reports.

Fleming’s death on Thursday was unrelated to her weight, her daughter Danielle Fleming told TMZ. Danielle said that her mother had lost 200 lbs. on the show after undergoing weight loss surgery, and was finally able to stand on her own for the first time in years.

But Danielle said Lisa was sick prior to appearing on the show, and her death was due to those illnesses.

“At the end she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave out,” Danielle said.

Lisa had been bedridden for years, sleeping in the same bed where her mom died due to obesity. When she found maggots in the folds of her skin, she decided to get weight loss surgery on the show.

It took seven paramedics to lift Lisa out of her bed and into a waiting ambulance.

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“The paramedics have to reinforce the ramp they’ll use to get me out of the house,” she said in the Feb. 22 episode. “I can’t believe it’s come to this. But at least I’m doing something about it before it gets to be too late.”

On Aug. 2, James “L.B.” Bonner, another former My 600-Lb. Life star, was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound. He was 30.

Before his death, Bonner wrote a since-deleted Facebook post thanking everyone for their support, and saying that he needed to “face his demons.”

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