Michigan girl’s organs help save 6 others after fatal ATV accident

Riley Robinson, pictured right, was killed and her sister severely injured after the ATV they were riding on crashed into trees.

 (Fox 2 Detroit)

The family of a Michigan girl killed in a tragic ATV accident – that also left her 14-year-old sister severely injured – said that she will have the chance to save six others since they have decided to donate her organs.

“I think the hardest thing we did was signing the paper for organ donation,” Larry Robinson, the girls’ father, told Fox 2 Detroit. “I don’t get our daughter back but there are six families that get a little more time to spend with their loved ones.”

Riley Robinson, 12, and her sister Peyton, had taken off on the recreational vehicles near their grandmother’s property in Missaukee County on Sept. 9, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

Robinson said the pair often went riding, but at around 10 a.m., one of them lost control of the vehicle and crashed into trees. The girls’ 16-year-old brother, Tyler, found them and dialed 911. Robinson said the teen pulled the 4-wheeler off of his sister, and “did everything he could.”

Riley’s family decided to donate her organs, and found out they will help 6 others.

 (Fox 2 Detroit.)

Riley was airlifted to a hospital in Grand Rapids but later died from her injuries. A devastating photo shows the pair side by side in their hospital beds. Payton suffered fractures in her arms, elbow and shoulder and is set to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.

“Life as you know it can be over in a blink of an eye,” their devastated father, told the news outlet. “She was the life of the party. Trusting, very caring.”

According to the news outlet, Michigan law requires riders under 16 to wear a helmet, complete a safety course and ride under adult supervision.

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