Dogs: chocolate poisoning in the Christmas season more often

If anywhere in the budget, sweet Treats to find, you have to take care of his dogs, because chocolate is toxic. Experts have observed an increase in the number of chocolate poisoning in dogs in the Christmas season. Also around Easter, it often comes to poisoning.

An analysis of 386 cases of chocolate poisoning in dogs the British veterinary practices showed that especially younger dogs were presented under four years of age. The animals were suffering 17 percent of the vomiting and an increased heart rate more than 120 beats per Minute had to be 7.5 percent. Neurological symptoms such as excitement or agitation were rare (3 percent), seizures were not reported. None of the cases was classified as life-threatening.

In comparison to the Rest of the year it came out around Christmas four times as often to chocolate poisoning at Easter time it is twice as many as usual. On Valentine’s day and Halloween, the experts found no accumulation.

Chocolate is the hämost common cause of für poisoning in dogs

The usual sources for the poisoning of chocolate bars, chocolate boxes, Easter eggs, chocolate cake, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus figures, as well as advent calendar and Christmas tree decorations were.

Chocolate has long been regarded as the most common cause of poisoning in dogs. It contains the caffeine-like substance theobromine, vomiting in dogs, an elevated heart rate, restlessness, and seizures can result.