Cardi B Gets Real About Postpartum Life on Instagram: ‘The Emotional Struggle’

About a month into motherhood, Cardi B has shared some seriously relatable new mother moments, like how damn hard it is to get back in the gym. Earlier this week, Cardi took to Instagram to talk about another thing that can happen after giving birth: the postpartum emotional rollercoaster ride.

The rapper reposted a hilarious video from comedian Jay Versace’s Instagram that shows him in a deep conversation with his inner self, or in this case, his reflection in the mirror. “Who am I inside this body because I don’t feel like it’s me?” he asked. “I don’t know who I am anymore.”

This is how postpartum got me ??The emotional struggle . BARDI vs BELCALIS

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Cardi could clearly relate. “This is how postpartum got me. The emotional struggle. BARDI vs BELCALIS,” she captioned her post. (Belcalis is her real name.)

Just two weeks ago, Cardi admitted that motherhood was proving to be more challenging than she anticipated when she announced she wouldn’t be joining Bruno Mars on tour this fall. “I think I underestimated this whole mommy thing,” she wrote.

We feel you, Cardi, and you’re not the only mom dealing with emotional changes. The majority of women (70%) report feeling a mild, short-lived sadness after giving birth. Postpartum depression (PPD) is more serious, affecting about 13% of new moms. It can last for over a year and is characterized in part by a change in appetite, extreme fatigue, drastic mood swings, low self-worth, and withdrawal from loved ones.

Any new mother who thinks she might have PPD should speak to her doctor immediately. It’s what’s best for both you and your baby.

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