Brazil is sending more than 200,000 soldiers from house to house

The of mosquito-borne Zika Virus is rampant is currently in South America. When Infected, it causes flu-like symptoms, Pregnant women, the Virus can be transmitted to their unborn children. Now, the Brazilian government sent the army into the field.

In the fight against the Zika Virus, the Brazilian government is sending the army into the field. As health Minister Marcelo Castro on Monday (local time) of the newspaper “O Globo” said, to more than 200,000 soldiers from house to house to distribute brochures and to give people tips for mosquito protection. In addition, at least 400,000 Pregnant women with Mosquito repellents supplied.

The of mosquito-borne Zika Virus is rampant is currently in South America. It performs around 20 percent of the Infected to flu-like symptoms and is usually not fatal. Pregnant the Virus can be transmitted to their unborn children, in which there are malformations can. So far there is no vaccine against the Virus and is not a drug for the treatment of Diseased.

Virus in 21 of the 55 countries present

The world health organization (WHO) has warned, the Virus could spread to virtually all countries of the American continent, with the exception of Chile and Canada, where the Vectors are mosquitoes. Now the Virus was in 21 of the 55 countries in the continent present.

Brazil is the most affected and is at the same time, because of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of February and the summer Olympic games in August, especially under pressure. Since October 3893 babies born with Microcephaly were in the country, that is, with too small a head, with the registered – the entire year of 2014, there were only 147 cases. 49 of the affected children have died in the meantime.

Children threaten the long-term consequences

In the case of the surviving affected children long-term, the threatened consequences, warned the epidemiologist Roberto Medronho from the State University of Rio (UFRJ). In the coming years, might show you various damage, “what we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg”. He compared the situation with the thalidomide scandal in the 60s, which had led to “a whole Generation of babies without arms or legs”.

The risk was great that the affected children can study later once “nor work,” the expert said further. For the – mostly poor – parents this is a “tragedy”. “The epidemic will pass, but the small to be be-headed then still there and the health system is overwhelming”.

More than 11,600 Zika cases in Colombia

Many countries in the Region such as Colombia, the more than 11,600 Zika cases and about a hundred newborns with Microcephaly reports, have already taken the consequences and women to get, wanted pregnancies to move.

El Salvador’s Ministry of health called for a short time even a two-year pregnancy waiver to ridicule and protests it to the back forced rowing. Meanwhile, the authorities in pupils ‘ rates of wear only long pants instead of skirts, in order to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Experts and abortion advocates

Experts and abortion advocates refer to the advice for a pregnancy postponement as “naive”. Just in the affected countries, the number of unintended pregnancy is passions high, they argue. In most countries, abortions are also, with few exceptions, prohibited.

“It is not enough, advice from the world of the fables which make people Laugh,” said the head of the teachers Union of El Salvador, Francisco Zelada. “You must fight the Virus to the people at home, at work and in schools”.