"Boob Facials" Now Exist And Ashley Graham Is A Huge Fan

By now you would have seen alllll the pics of Ashley Graham slaying at the Met Gala. If you haven’t here’s 10 pics for proof:

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More BTS of my #Met day??

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Between her bronze Logie-esque dress and that next lev glow, there’s no denying the girl looked goooooooood. That said, if you thought she simply rolled outta bed the picture of perfection, you’d be sorely mistaken. 

Taking to Instagram Stories, the 30-year-old shared her pre-red carpet pampering routine. And to say it was pretty darn rigorous is a serious understatement. 

To start, Ashley had her nose hairs lasered off (coz if they’re gonna deny you entry over anything at fashion’s night of nights, it’s definitely the length of your schnoz whiskers.)

Next up was a (not-so-facial) facial from celebrity aesthetician Mzia Shiman. (Apparently even ”the girls” need a little TLC occasionally.) And yup, we agree the concept seems totally weird/mildly pornographic, but according to the tech’s website, the treatment is actually legit. 

Just like the regular kind for your face, on her website, Shiman says boob facials involve combining “oxygen, vitamins and hyaluronic acid” under “hyperbaric pressure” to drive wrinkle-righting serums deep into the cells of your skin. 

But full disclosure before you check yourself in for one: the jury’s still out on whether or not they really do anything other than temporarily smooth and plump things up.

From there, things seemed to only get more extreme. Think, luxe gold sheet masks, a LED light facial (coz collagen) and a last-minute on-point lob.

Clearly, when you’re on the pursuit of perfection anything goes. 

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