This Workout Torches Fat in Under 10 Minutes

riptensity 7 minute shred

If you want to burn serious body fat, you won’t need any equipment — just 10 minutes or less, some space to move, and the determination to push yourself to your limits.

This workout won’t be 7 minutes in heaven. In fact, it’ll feel like pure hell.

Unlike the average workout where you spend about 30 seconds working at a time, the Shred Set shown in the video above maximizes every second of your training. Your goal is to go all-out for 7 minutes—7 exercises, 1 minute each—with no rest.

It’s intense, but the workout forces you to spend as much time working as possible. The training density melts more fat during and after your workout, stimulates muscle growth, and increases muscular endurance than many hour-long gym workouts. Those are the principles I followed when I designed RIPTENSITY, a program that targets fat and aims to help you get into the best shape of your life.

The reason you can pack so much work into each minute? I programmed the Shred Set so that you switch between a lower-body move, an upper-body move, or a cardio move in a total-body athletic metabolic circuit. The same muscle group isn’t continuously being worked, so it can recover while another body part works.

This Shred Set is a great indicator of your overall fitness, too, since it targets your entire body, challenges steady-state cardio, recruits your fast-twitch muscle fibers, and works your muscles in multiple planes of motion.

If you can accomplish all of this in just 7 minutes, then just imagine what you can do with multiple Shred Sets back-to-back. Do the Shred Set listed below 3 times in a row, resting 1 minute between each set.

Or you can increase the intensity of the movements, making the variations more difficult every round.

Directions: Perform each exercise in a row for one minute each with little to no rest.

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