Navratri 2018: Here’s how you can lose weight without crash diets

It’s that time of the year. You’ve been looking forward to wearing that sexy choli you bought online and dance the night away, but there’s just one glitch. You feel that you’re still miles away from your ideal weight. Well, to be honest, it doesn’t matter. We think you should just go ahead and have fun anyway.

But if you do want to lose a few inches before the big night, here’s some help. And no, we would never suggest crash diets.

“Many women end up doing these crazy crash diets where they survive on liquids or eat only salads. But there are no quick fixes for a healthy lifestyle,” says Mumbai-based nutritionist Janvi Chitalia. Remember, the weight you lose through crash diets pile on as quickly.

However, she does suggest four ways you can adopt a healthier lifestyle and see some results.

Do not starve yourself: “Opt for moderate portions and if you want to see results quickly eat light at night. Fibre and protein at night is the best combination,” she adds. Here are some great options: millets khichdi, oats with yoghurt, grilled chicken salad.

Don’t do a no-protein detox: Protein aids weight loss. “Don’t opt for a vegetable or fruit detox. You need to add some protein to make your meal healthy. If you remove protein from your diet, you’ll end up losing muscle. For a toned look, you need to work out and eat enough protein,” says Chitalia.

Do not over exercise: Going to the gym twice a day? That’s only going to make you tired or you may injure yourself. “Get in a moderate amount of yoga, weights and cardio into your routine,” she adds.

Avoid liquid diets: It is important to have enough energy to get through the 9 days of Navratri. A liquid diet will deplete you of essential nutrients. “You might even end up suffering from dehydration due to excessive sweating because the body is losing salts and energy.” Stick to a healthy diet and a moderate work out plan to see results and enjoy Navratri.

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First Published: Oct 10, 2018 10:33 IST

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