Joseph Baena Shows Off Massive Arms in New Instagram Post

Joseph Baena, once most famous as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, has really come into his own as a social-media gym rat. He’s got his dad’s genetics, with a remarkable resemblance to the seven-time Mr. Olympia, and the 22-year-old actor even recreated Schwarzenegger’s iconic pose. He shares his father-son workouts on Instagram, and hypes the Terminator-level chest gains he’s made thanks in part to paternal tutelage under who he calls the “best training partner in the world.” (The 72-year-old Schwarzenegger isn’t shy about showing off his still-massive biceps, either.)

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To ring in 2020, Baena asked his 129,000 Instagram followers, “Anyone else gonna go into 2020 with a sick pump?” He shared his own post-pump portrait, posing at the iconic Venice Beach Gold’s Gym made famous by Schwarzenegger and Pumping Iron. (It’s also hosted celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Keanu Reeves; both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tiger Woods have also worked out there.) In a Gold’s tank top to show off his arm gains, Baena’s also got something of a retro look going, with low-top Converses and Vans socks pulled up to his shins.

“What are you training on NYE?” Baena continued, prompting plenty of admiring responses. Besides the string of love-eyes emojis, there were people sharing their own fitness goals, from abs to bicep curls to quite a few “legs” responses. (Baena previously shared his own leg progress, showing off some impressive trunks.) Even Martins Licis, the World’s Strongest Man 2019, responded, inviting Baena to a workout session. Baena responded “Let’s do it!”—so 2020 might just see these two sharing a gym.

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