January Kickstarter: This 9-minute mood-boosting workout is the perfect way to start 2023

This January, we’re on the search for quick, accessible hacks to kickstart 2023 in the strongest way possible. Today’s strength kickstarter: a free, endorphin-boosting 9-minute Strong Women Training Club workout.

We’re all short on time, and in January we tend to be even more jam-packed than usual. It’s at the start of the new year that you need an energy-boosting, quick-fire workout to get you feeling motivated and positive – without draining yet more of your reserves. And even if your new year’s resolution is to exercise every morning, when it’s cold and dark outside it takes a Herculean effort to schlep out of bed to do something vigorous (even if you know it’ll be worth it in the end).

To really get your head in the game, you want to get your heart racing and those endorphins pumping. Enter: the Strong Women Training Club nine-minute workout.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. We’ve come up with a workout that lasts less than 10 minutes and is guaranteed to have you feeling warmer, happier and more energised in no time.

The benefits of working out for 9 minutes

It’s well known that you don’t have to exercise for long to reap some real benefits. I tried an 8-minute workout a little while a go and found that I felt happier and more energised before the end of the allotted time, the exercises chosen were that powerful.

And we’ve previously discussed research that found 10 minutes of exercise a day to be better than less frequent, longer sessions. It found that lifting heavy for a few minutes a day was as effective as doing multiple sets and reps. “People think they have to do a lengthy session of resistance training in the gym, but that’s not the case,” said Ken Nosaka, professor of exercise and sports science at Edith Cowan University. “Just lowering a heavy dumbbell slowly once or six times a day is enough.”

While our SWTC workout isn’t about lifting super-heavy, it works off the same principle: it’s better to do little and often – challenging your ability to hold bodyweight and increasing mobility.

What exercises are in the 9-minute workout?

Emma Obayuvana has put together a bunch of tried-and-tested moves that are guaranteed to get the blood pumping. It’s all low-impact and involves moving between bended knees and being on tiptoes; it’s that change in height that really fires up the body.

Expect mountain climbers, squats, step burpees and jumps forward – all simple bodyweight moves that you could do any time of the day.

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Have a go at this workout and if you like it, save the page and come back to it whenever you need a little boost. Alternatively, check out the entire series of nine-minute workouts on the Strong Women Training Club. Going live every Wednesday and Saturday, these sessions will all be a combination of cardio and strength training that’ll fire up your metabolism, increase muscle strength and boost overall fitness. And, even more importantly, these workouts have been designed to lift even the most wintery of moods.

To continue with the series, start your free 14-day trial at the Strong Women Training Club via the button below. Note: the entire series will be available on demand for you to complete in your own time.

What else do I get as a member of the training club?

  • Over 160 workout videos across strength training, bodyweight, mobility, yoga, pilates, box-fit and barre
  • Eight-week training plans to suit every level
  • Exclusive fitness challenges
  • A library of over 150 ‘how to’ technique videos
  • Expert articles and advice
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