7 health mistakes young women are making and here’s how to correct them

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, your life changes with every phase in life. And to keep up with these changes, you need to stay fit and healthy. However, many of us make the mistake of prioritising everything – be it kids, family, careers – over our health. And this only means that we’re damaging our health without even realising.

If you find yourself making these 8 health mistakes, it’s time to correct them.

Too busy to exercise

Being healthy and being comfortable in your skin is important. Exercise is an important way of introducing fitness in your lifestyle. Even a 10 minute exercise routine is better than nothing at all. So, go for a quick walk, run, cycle, join a gym, Zumba, yoga – find an activity that you love and you will make sure that you find some time for it.

Unaware of your metabolism

It is important to know your metabolic rate, gather information on how many calories you should be consuming. Also, there’s a misconception that metabolism decreases as you age. Well, that’s not true. The decrease is minimal with age women tend to become more sedentary.

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Sitting all day

With busy work schedules, it becomes difficult to find activities through the day. Most of us work in sedentary jobs that require us to sit all day. This decreases metabolic rate, which leads to weight gain. Get up every few hours and go for a quick 5 minute walk.

Follow yo-yo diets

The more you get into this diet fad, the more you’re messing with your metabolism. There is no way to lose weight fast and the only way you can do it is by sustainable efforts. So, when you’re setting goals, avoid thinking of summer body, friend’s wedding or that trip. Instead, focus on eating healthy and exercising every day.

Not preparing food

Try to get some meal prep done over the weekend so that you spend minimal amount of time in the kitchen. It is important to eat healthy, home cooked meals to stay fit.

Not drinking enough water

Hydration is the most important aspect of good health. Try to get at least 3-4 litres of water in your system in 24 hours. Water also helps burn fat. Also, it helps you stay full and avoid cravings.

Not listening to your body

Sometimes skipping a workout is ok. Sometimes having a cheat meal is ok. That’s how we’re designed. We can’t be feeling the same way about health every day. It’s ok to give yourself a break, but do remember to get back to routine.

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First Published: Aug 17, 2018 09:02 IST

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