Why You're Seeing So Many Makeup-Free Selfies in Your Insta Feed Right Now

Whether you have a ban.do agenda that colorfully reminds you of all the made-up national holidays, or you've spent time scrolling through your Instagram feeds only to be bombarded with the same content one post after another, you're probably well aware of just how quickly us millennials are inclined to hop on a trend.

Today's subject: National Selfie Day. Only, if you've taken the time to finger through your feed this morning, you may have noticed one very notable trait in the majority of the selfies going live — where face-fronting snaps are often FaceTuned, today it's all about bare-faced beauty. And it's there, my friends, where the story lies.

In celebration of National Selfie Day, Rodan + Fields — you know it as the skin-care brand your Facebook friends can't get enough of — is encouraging folks around the world to shed their foundation to make an impact all by their "selfie." Wondering how posting a makeup-free selfie can affect anything other than your feed? For every selfie posted sans makeup and with the #RFGoNaked hashtag, Rodan + Fields will donate $1 to the company's non-profit Prescription for Change Foundation to serve youth with life-changing empowerment programs where they live.

This year's goal of the campaign is to reach one million makeup-free selfies, equating to $1 million in donations to a foundation that we can all stand behind. The 24-hour viral event is geared toward empowering people to embrace their appearance — with or without makeup — while boosting confidence and encouraging self-esteem. The event appropriately falls within Acne Awareness month, a time when the media and beauty world work together to help people everywhere feel more comfortable in their own skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Snap a selfie and take pride in your natural beauty — we'd double-tap that. Get it? Like, Instagram, obvs.

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