Exclusive: Kylie Jenner's Hairstylist Spills the Tea on How He Took Her Golden Blonde for Her Birthday

Kylie Jenner is #goals. She’s been declared an almost-billionaire by Forbes magazine, with an estimated $900 million fortune, thanks to those lip kits and makeup sets. She’s the mom of what could be Instagram’s cutest tot, Stormi Webster, with boyfriend Travis Scott. And with all due respect to sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, she’s a masterful queen of reinvention.

Look no further than her latest makeover, courtesy of hair whiz Chris Appleton — the man responsible for Kim’s platinum hue and most of her hair transformations. To celebrate being legally able to drink — meaning, turning 21 on August 10 — Jenner did a number on her hair. She lightened up, big time, going from dramatic black to a golden blonde.

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She made the big reveal on her Instagram page, rocking a draped pink strong-shoulder dress with a cutout at the midsection. Her golden-blonde hue was slicked into a frizz-free low pony, using Color Wow’s Dream Coat. To keep her hair from getting too damaged through the coloring process, Appleton used Olaplex to maximize the color results. Oh, and if you think Kylie copied Kim, ahem, think again, please.

“Kylie is her own person — the whole idea — it’s not the predicted icy blonde. It’s a real transformation but it’s really golden. She likes to have fun with her hair. She’s been dark for a while, so it was time to change it up,” says Appleton.

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In fact, if there’s any comparison, it’s to a classic toy so many of us grew up dressing — Barbie. “It’s beautiful golden fun," Appleton says of the hue. "So many people stay away from gold. As a stylist, you’re taught that gold is hit and miss, but it’s really beautiful. It’s any girl’s dream.” Looks like Kylie also got the reference, as she posted a photo to Instagram of two frazzled-looking Barbie dolls, one dressed in a sparkly pink strapless bodycon romper, a replica of one of the outfits she wore for her birthday festivities. A second doll, rocking a gold dress and a single sneaker, is tagged as Kylie's bestie, Jordyn Woods. "Goodnight," she captioned the image. Looks like it was a doozy.

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But back to the hair. The process took two days, with Appleton working out of Jenner’s home. The goal was to leave her hair shiny, gorgeous, and glossy, as opposed to looking like she’d just put it in a deep fryer. We'd have to say that particular mission was definitely accomplished, which is no easy feat when you're taking a raven-haired beauty to a color this light.

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“You’re pushing your hair to its limits. It can look really damaged. Hair has to be rich and healthy. It has to look like a new Barbie. I take it very slowly and always do it over two days or longer. I gently lightened her hair in sessions — getting that right delicate gold is the hardest thing,” says Appleton.

As for Jenner, Appleton says she was excited to do the color, though he declined to say if Stormi was there for the makeover or not. “I’d like to keep it to the hair.”

We hear — or hair — you, Chris.

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