This Spooky Season, Help Us Show These “Scaredy Cats” Some Love!

The countdown to Halloween is on, and we’re on a mission to make sure that everyone—including our resident “scaredy cats”—get treats this year. “Who are these cats?” you may ask? They’re our ASPCA Invisicats in New York City, and they need YOUR HELP finding dedicated foster homes!

What Makes a Cat an Invisicat?

Invisicats come in all shapes, sizes and personalities! Some may be shy while others may be under-socialized. Shy cats are those who are known to be social with people but may be too fearful to show their true personalities in their current environment—like the shelter—whereas under-socialized cats may have little to no experience living in a home and are fearful in the presence of humans. 

For these cats, sending them to live in a comfortable foster home can help us find out who they really are in an environment where they can relax, receive attentive care and let their true personalities shine through. 

Invisicats can come into the shelter from any number of places, and we often have little information on their background and personalities. Some cats will adjust to the shelter environment within a few days, but for those who don’t, not only are they often hiding, but their personalities are “invisible” to us as well—thus Invisicats

Why Invisicats Need YOU—and What We’d Need from You as a Foster 

As their name implies, each Invisicat has a ‘hidden’ personality to be discovered and therein lies the inherent mystery of taking one home as a foster! Some cats may wind up enjoying frequent interactions with people while others may prefer to keep their distance while they enjoy the benefits of a life in a loving home, and others may be truly terrified to be in the presence of people. However, we CAN help many under-socialized cats become more confident pets, it all just depends on the individual cat and extra special support from committed foster caregivers—which is where you come in!  

Invisicats need foster caregivers who can provide a loving, quiet and safe home and can approach their foster cat with lots of patience and understanding. Many, but not all, Invisicats may take weeks or more before they’re ready to even interact with you, so time and patience are key. Fostering these cats is critical so that we can get to know them, with a goal to help them find an adopter who is a great match for their personality and needs. 

How Can You Sign Up to Become a Foster for Invisicats?

It’s really easy! You can sign up to become an ASPCA foster by following our three simple steps, here! Once you are officially an ASPCA foster, you can take special courses geared specifically towards our Invisicats population and learn even more about how you can support by setting your home and your foster cat up for success.

Sign up to change a scaredy cat’s life this Halloween! 

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