Dear Future Adopter, Love Goober

Hey there, new pet parent!

I’m Goober! Boy, am I sure glad you found this letter—that means I’ve just found my new family!

Yes, I have a funny name, but I like to think of myself as a serious, romantic type, and I can’t wait to win you over! If you like, you can call me goofy, but I’m a true gentleman and I’m sure I’ll charm you in no time. My friends here at the Cruelty Recovery Center know how much I love getting lots of attention and affection, and they’ve told me I’m ready for a loving family of my own. Now that I’ve found you, I’m very certain that I’ll make you happy every day!

I’m a young hound mix and my medium size will help me fit into a new home with ease! I’m generally pretty laid back, but I love going on adventures, too! I can save up my energy for those fun hikes down a long trail and I love to sniff all the exciting scents along the way. I am a hound dog after all! I’m proud to say I have excellent leash manners too, so I’ll stick right by you along the way.

It’s no problem when we can’t take long treks, I’m quite content just spending time with you, too! If you have any other dogs in your home already, I’d need to meet them first to make sure we get along as new siblings, but I’d do perfectly well as an only dog. That just means I get all the love and attention!

I truly cannot wait to meet you! I promise that I’ll be ever loyal to my new family, and I’ll always be by your side! My CRC pals told me you just need to fill out my adoption application before you can meet me in person and take me home. Until then, I’ll be waiting right here for you!



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