Boo! Ghost Will Float His Way into Your Heart!

Move over Casper, Ghost the Friendly Dog is in town! This active, happy-go-lucky pup is looking for an adopter in the tri-state area with just as much energy as him.

Described as friendly, affectionate, playful and excitable, Ghost loves everyone and is always on the go! At the shelter, Ghost loves getting out of his kennel and going for sniffy walks. This handsome boy enjoys long walks, brisk jogs and sleeping in bed with his humans. And when it comes to playtime, Ghost loves playing with balls, squeaky toys and stuffed toys, especially when it involves playing fetch, chase or tug-of-war. Chew toys are also very much appreciated by Ghost and he sometimes even tosses them into the air to entertain himself!

Ghost is still working on some of his doggy manners like learning to share his favorite things and his leash skills. He’s a young guy with lots of energy so someone with time for training and exercise is key! Ghost could live well with another dog and when it comes to kids, would do best with teens and older. He’s a suburbanite at heart and would do best in a low-traffic area in the tri-state area.

If Ghost has won your heart, check out his profile to complete an application! 

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