Bob Finds his BFF in a Boisterous Cat

In April 2022, the ASPCA Community Engagement team was contacted by Adult Protective Services (APS) in Staten Island about an APS client whose mother had died and left behind six cats. The client and his sibling—both disabled with limited finances—could not take in all of the cats.

ASPCA Community Engagement Coordinator Shadina Arnett contacted the client and visited his home to assess the living conditions and animals. 

“We could tell he was passionate about the cats. They were friendly and easy to handle, and he had kept them well groomed,” says Shadina.

“But he knew the best course of action was to rehome them. He admitted he couldn’t keep all the cats and had done his best on what little he had.”

One of those cats, a five-year-old named Butter, was one of two male cats among four female cats in the home.

Helping Butter Get Better

Suffering from bloody diarrhea, Butter was transported to the Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group—an ASPCA partner—for treatment through the One ASPCA Fund, which reduces or covers the cost of certain medical treatments. Butter went home with medications to treat his diarrhea.

A few days later, while delivering cat food and supplies, Shadina noted that Butter’s condition had improved. Two weeks later, on May 18, the client agreed to surrender five of the six cats, including Butter.

“He knew this was the best decision and outcome,” says Shadina, adding that Butter’s former pet parent has since found new housing and was able to keep one of the cats.

Butter Blossoms

At the ASPCA, Butter was neutered, had six teeth extracted, and received ear medication to treat an infection. He then lived in the office of Sam Rosoff, Manager of Animal Welfare.

“He was an amusing cat, very active and social,” says Sam. “When he wasn’t entertaining himself with mice toys, he loved to stretch out on the desk, and I even caught him watching my work on the computer screen.

“Early on, Butter demanded a great deal of attention, and the other managers and I worked with him to ensure he didn’t act out when he didn’t get his way,” Sam adds. “We made sure he had enough exercise and play outlets, and he blossomed into a well-behaved and sweet cat. Having him in our office was just what he needed to be set up for success in a new home.”

Making a Match

Bob, a data analyst who lives on Manhattan’s Upper East side, had passed by the ASPCA Adoption Center’s display window many times over many months to look at available cats. When he finally visited the Center on June 22, Matchmaker Stacey Rozell recommended he meet Butter. 

“We sat on the floor and Butter showed his cute self, rolling around and giving little love nips,” says Stacey. 

“Butter was social, which I like,” says Bob, who decided to adopt him that day. “He has an air of scrappiness and lots of personality.”

‘A Nice Balance of Chill and Play’

Bob, who grew up in New Jersey with cats, enjoys his new feline friend, whom he renamed Porterhouse. 

“Cats are like people in that they have very distinct personalities, and the ASPCA did a great job understanding and explaining Porterhouse’s character. I knew what I was getting,” Bob says. “He’s got a nice balance of chill and play. He can be a bundle of energy sometimes, but other times, he’s a big mush. He loves watching flocks of pigeons outside the window. He’s living the life.”

Bob, who works in an office two to three days a week, says his mood has improved since adopting Porterhouse. 

“It’s nice to come home and have him waiting for me,” Bob says. “He even tells me about his day. He’s very vocal.”

For those who are interested in adopting, Bob has this advice.

“Don’t wait as I did,” he says. “Once you’re ready, you’ve got to do it.”

Clever Cat Captions

In December, Bob emailed us photos of Porterhouse with clever captions, writing, “I think the onboarding experience over the past several months can be summed up with the following findings….” In case you hadn’t noticed, those photos and captions are sprinkled throughout this story, capturing the special bond between a fun-loving feline and his biggest fan.

Bob and Porterhouse at home.

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