Allegedly Burned with Acid, One Brave “Little Man” Finds His Way to New York City


At four months old, Little Man has already lived a life of bravery and second chances. Before he arrived at the ASPCA Adoption Center, Little Man was in a foster home in Alabama, where he’d arrived suffering from severe burns on his back. It was suspected the burns were caused by the previous owner–likely from acid being poured on the young puppy’s back. 

Dedicated to helping Little Man get a better chance at life than his beginnings allowed, the staff at Felines and Canines Rescue Center in Alabama identified Little Man as a candidate for relocation through the ASPCA Animal Relocation Program. Our Relocation Program works every day to help transport animals from areas that have a high number of homeless pets to areas in the U.S. where they have better chances of adoption.


Little Man’s journey from Alabama to New York City marked his chance at a fresh start and a new life away from cruelty. It’s thanks to people like you that we are able to reach the animals—like Little Man and so many others—who need us most across the country. Please consider making a lifesaving gift today to continue to help animals just like Little Man. 


Every donation to the ASPCA makes a life-changing difference for animals who are abused or neglected, hungry or homeless. Please change the life of an innocent animal today by making an urgent gift now.

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