Women Are Most Likely To Marry Men With This Quality

Wanna better grip on your love life? Shake your suitor’s hand.  

After studying 5,000 adults from the Norwegian City of Tromso, researchers from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Columbia Ageing Centre discovered an interesting link between grip strength and marriage:

The stronger a man’s handshake, the higher the likelihood that he was hitched.

“Our results hint that women may be favouring partners who signal strength and vigour when they marry,” explained Vegard Skirbekk, a professor at the Columbia Ageing Centre and the study’s author. “If longer-lived women marry healthier men, then both may avoid or defer the role of caregiver, while less healthy men remain unmarried and must look elsewhere for assistance.”

Grip strength has also been found to be a helpful indicator of overall health. In fact, according to Harvard University Medical School, a weak handshake can give away a person’s risk of heart attack or stroke: “The method is so helpful that it is a better predictor of death or cardiovascular disease than blood pressure.”

In addition, experts from the University of Manchester say a firm grip can be a sign of better problem-solving skills, memory and faster reaction times.

Something to consider next time you meet a date.

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