Shanina Shaik talks all things fitness and food

But Melbourne born Victoria’s Secret model, Shanina Shaik, 25, works hard for it (and she gets bloated). Here’s why we’re crushing on this green-tea loving Beyoncé fan and the newly named face of Seafolly…

How do you stay fit while travelling 24/7?

“I work out four to five times a week and change my workout from cycling to running, and yoga to pilates. I like to mix [it] up so I don’t get bored with the gym. Depending on what country I’m in, it’ll be a hotel gym or running outside. Then sometimes I do vinyasa yoga or Pilates in my hotel room. The majority of my workouts are at least 60 minutes and then a 10-minute stretch. Stretching is really important to me to lengthen my body.”

What areas do you target on your body? Why? How do you do it?

“For my work I do a lot of swim and lingerie so working out my full body is important – being strong and toned. Wearing bikinis, core work is very important, but even leg exercises work your core; I find a lot of pilates-like moves work your whole body as well as your abs.”

How do you get energised – and de-bloat – when you’ve got a big show (like walking the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret) coming up?

“I go to the gym. I think it makes you feel really energised if you feel great and look after your skin. I find women hold a lot of water retention, coming up to that certain time of the month, so have a steam once a month. Also stay away from food that makes you bloat more.”

What does your day on a plate look like?

“I eat according to my blood type and tend to eat very healthy anyway: protein and vegetables in the morning, like an egg white omelette, but I have a huge sweet tooth! Chocolate ice-cream, like cookies and cream, that’s my go-to. I love beach-girl food! I travel to beautiful beaches and I love eating fresh fish like barramundi and snapper.”

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