HIMSSCast: How health systems can prepare for TEFCA

The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement, also known as TEFCA, is now officially live.   

Joining Healthcare IT News Senior Editor Kat Jercich to talk about how TEFCA’s implementation will affect those at multiple levels of the healthcare industry is Dr. Dan Golder, principal at the consulting firm Impact Advisors.   

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Talking points:

  • Why folks should learn about TEFCA
  • The journey from the 21st Century Cures Act
  • The “TEF” and the “CA”
  • Wait, what’s a QHIN?
  • The role the Sequoia Project plays in the framework
  • Not every current HIE can become a QHIN
  • How will TEFCA affect individual health systems?
  • Who could benefit the most from TEFCA
  • The role cost will play, and ensuring long-term financial viability
  • Potential effect on patients
  • Who should be responsible for potential data breaches?
  • The non-healthcare data included 
  • Predictions for 2022  

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So TEFCA is live. Now what?  

Everything you wanted to know about TEFCA (but were afraid to ask)

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