Yoga teacher, recommends: The only true Asana for back pain

Yoga is a wonder weapon when it comes to release Tension and improve mobility.

Also in the case of back pain, which often occur after long periods of Sitting and too little exercise, can be targeted Exercises for the core muscles relieve pain and prevent.

Yoga teacher Amanda McDonald has revealed on Popsugar, what Asana we should exercise, if the back hurts again.

Legs Up The Wall

The Practice recommended by the Yoga expert from the USA, is simple and almost everywhere executable. What do you have for the Asana “Viparita Karani or Legs Up The Wall” and need only a Mat and a wall.

Here’s how:

  • From laying you on your back and stretch your legs so that the feet point toward the ceiling.
  • Come with the buttocks close to the wall so that your legs form a 90 degree angle to your torso.
  • Your arms, you can either to the side, stretch out or, as Amanda recommends a Hand on the heart and the other on the belly. So the breathing can be felt.

How long will you who are poised in this Position, it is up to you. Close to relax your eyes and try to body and mind.

The Exercise you end by pulling your knees to you, with your arms and comprises from one to the other side rotate before you put this on you.

With the Leg Up The Wall posture will not only stretch the muscles, but water retention is fought.

“This Position helps the hamstrings, and stretch the posterior side of the legs, while the force of gravity, excess fluid from the lower part of the body can drain away, which can reduce pain and even swelling after the Training,” explains Amanda.

Yoga Guru Adrienne is a Fan of the Asana, Viparita Karani. On YouTube she reveals why:

Also suitable for beginners

Another Benefit of the Legs Up The Wall Position: it is suitable for everyone, since there is little mobility is needed in the legs. Even as a Yoga beginner with little experience, the Exercise is easy at home or in the Gym perform.

The Asana can be practiced both on a Mat, on a towel or on the bed depending on what feels to own back the best.

Yoga teacher Amanda swears by it, and Exercise every day in your daily life to incorporate: “I love to make this Pose First thing in the morning to start my day or just before bedtime, to relax my muscles for sleep,” she writes.

Luisa High Brink

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