Vanessa Hudgens' Secret For Weight Maintenance Is Really, Really Simple

In a world full of celebrities spruiking workouts that require half a day (and all the fitness equipment on the market) to complete, Vanessa Hudgen’s weekly regime comes as sweet relief.

Speaking to Well + Good, the 30-year-old revealed that she’s committed to the same three sweat sessions for the better part a decade – mixing up the order each day to target different body parts. Her go-tos? SoulCycle, Pilates and yoga. And just in case her extremely ripped rig wasn’t evidence enough that this method works, the pros back it too:

“It’s really important to mix up your routine to ensure you’re hitting every single muscle group, diversifying movement patterns as well as addressing all the components of physical health: strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and mobility,” personal trainer and senior SoulCycle instructor Samantha Jade told the publication.

A good week of workouts should incorporate all these components, as well a recovery day.  

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And on sundays we hike ?

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“SoulCycle works the cardiovascular system, yoga addresses flexibility, and Pilates works on targeting muscle activation, alignment integrity, and movement patterns,” explained Samantha, who also recommended adding in a functional strength workout on occasion, too.

“The body is very good at adaptation, so cross training allows us to continue to progress and avoid adapting negatively,” she said.

But the most important thing (besides variety, of course?!) Find a routine you don’t get sick of – Vanessa is proof consistency works.

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