This easy back stretch is going viral on TikTok – here’s how to do it

Got back ache from spending too long at your laptop? This super-simple stretch is going viral on TikTok as an instant pain reliever. Here’s how to do it.

If you live with back ache, you’ve probably tried all sorts of stretches, pain killers and hot compresses. In fact, according to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), up to 60% of adults can expect to have lower back pain at some point. And that issue may be getting worse. Since many of us started regularly working from home, the Institute of Employment Studies has found that 55% of kitchen table warriors are experiencing new back pain.

Most of us know that the key to having a happy, healthy back is strengthening the core and back muscles and having a proper workstation. But that’s not much good if you’re crippled in pain now. Fortunately, help is at hand… on TikTok.

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Physiotherapist Dr Susie Spirlock has been sharing a video of herself demonstrating a stretch that followers claim has given them instant back pain relief. 

The stretch in question is the quadruped T-spin thoracic rotation – which you’ll probably recognise from any gym class warm-up. It might sound complicated, but it’s simple and only takes a few minutes.

What is a quadruped T-spin thoracic rotation?

Exactly what it says on the tin, this is a back rotation stretch that sees you rotating while on all fours. 

  1. Start off on all fours
  2. Keeping feet and left hand on the floor, bend your right elbow and bring your right hand to rest by your right temple
  3. Slowly rotate to the right, looking up to the ceiling – elbow facing behind you, face pointed up
  4. Now rotate back to bring that right elbow towards your left thumb on the ground
  5. Switch sides, left hand resting on your temple and right hand on the ground

Dr Spirlock’s video has so far garnered over 250,000 likes, with hundreds of people commenting on how effective the stretch is. “OMG, just did one each side once and I feel reborn,” wrote one. Another follower said: “Thank you! [That pain has] been the worst for days! Literally boom, she’s gone.”

This kind of thoracic (spinal) rotation is brilliant for just getting movement in the upper body. Even if it doesn’t magically solve your pain, it’ll help to keep your back mobile and is a really great warm-up stretch for anyone looking to run, lift weights or do something like pilates. 

Looking for other back stretches?

Set aside five minutes a day to run through these extra spinal twists, which will target those lower back niggles. 

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