This Aussie Mum Lost 29kg By Following This Fitness Regime

When Aussie school teacher Rachel gained 30kgs after the birth of her second child, she knew she had to make a change. But as a time-poor young mum, she also didn’t have hours to spare slogging it out at the gym every day.

 Enter, Kayla Itsines’ BBG Resistance Program: the at-home fitness regime that motivated Rachel to completely overhaul her mind and body.

“Transformation and change doesn’t happen overnight,” she admits in a recent Instagram post.

“The picture on the left was taken a month after my second child was born. I put on over 30kgs in both pregnancies. I set myself goals as time went on. Initially, it was weight loss and then it moved to building strength.”

Rachel committed to doing the 30-minute high-intensity sessions five days a week and worked on balancing her diet with lots of fruits and veggies. She would even lay out her active-wear the night before to motivate herself to work out in the morning, no matter how much of a distraction her kids were.

It wasn’t long until Rachel started seeing results. And fast forward three years; she’s lost 29kgs and considers her BBG sweat sesh as her favourite time of the day. 

“Working out is my Happy Place,” she writes. “I feel strong and fearless and that is what I love the most about the journey of keeping fit. Don’t let the failures get you down. Use them to set new goals and what you can achieve is endless.”

“At times, you can get stuck and feel as though you’re not making any gains but then you look back to where you started and it’s something to celebrate to see how far you have come.” she adds.

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