Support Your Local: 6 ways small businesses in the Corona-to help crisis

The novel Coronavirus is not only made to people around the world in breath. Also, the economy suffers greatly under the forced break stick.

It is not just large companies. Especially small Shops, Restaurants, and the self-employed crisis, are suddenly confronted with a existence, because without warning, the revenues are broken away.

No revenues, the costs, however, remain

Because while the customers may stay away or not come, charges still exist. For many, the payment of the next rent is therefore a seemingly impossible task.

But even after the corona crisis, the sporting, cultural and culinary range is still as wide as before the Lockdown, is now more than ever: Support your Local!

1. Buy vouchers

Coupons are the simplest way to support small businesses from the comfort of your Sofa.

Many shops, Restaurants, but also a Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor, as well as cultural projects to offer online coupons.

These can be redeemed later, but already now on the next rental payment period.

In return, many self-employed Yoga to provide, for example, a teacher and personal trainer online, in groups or in social media courses.

2. Furthermore, to the bakery to go

Recently, the Video of bakery boss Gerhard bosselmann went through the Internet. In this he begged to support the customers in tears, still your local bakery.

And actually you can go without major concerns continue to be in the morning, the freshly baked bread rolls. In the shops, only a handful of people are, in fact, always allowed – all controlled with a two Meter distance markings on the floor, the Rest have to wait outside.

Warm rolls, breads and croissants to eat, and the existence of many employee save? Sounds like a good Deal!

3. Food delivery

Who remains well-behaved in the own four walls, and any contact with the outside world shuns, you can still support the Restaurants in their vicinity.

Because the restaurants are allowed to receive no guests, now offers pretty much every Local delivery service.

However, because this is only a temporary solution, many Local no appearance at the great get services. Therefore, Just when a favorite restaurant, call and ask.

And don’t worry: The Pay runs contact-free and the delivery is also placed in front of the door or on a provided chair – the contact to a foreign Person is thus avoided.

4. Books, clothes, wine, etc., from small shops to order

Who wants to order something on the Internet, often ends up on the pages of the big providers. But right now, you should search for small vendors and support them.

Many small shops also have a presence on the Internet and offer their Goods continue to be there – many even on Instagram.

Books, clothes, and even wines can also be bought from the small Shop around the corner.

The same applies for organic and fine food stores. These have opened in the rule, but the clientele remains in the current situation largely.

After covering with noodles, canned food and toilet paper at the big chains, you can buy the fresh ingredients to at least there.

5. Artist support through donations

But not only Restaurants and retail suffering. Musicians, Clubs, artists, and institutions of all kinds may be seen in the current Situation, no revenue.

The money from cancelled events will have already purchased Tickets will be refunded. In addition to, and cost of Living remain.

Online some donation portals, and calls, therefore, the cultural diversity also guarantee to the Corona-crisis.

Especially musicians, try to offer her Fans are still little and occur over the life stream continues.

For example, in action #home festival wirbleiben.

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6. Money does not demand the return of

No matter whether it is the contribution to the fitness Studio, or the AirBnb for short trip in April – every Euro will be demanded back, sets companies and individuals in this and in the coming months under pressure.

Of course, not everyone has the financial freedom to waive these amounts. If you can afford it, but should think, however, about whether or not he can spare the money.

It should be a booking in an accommodation, it can be possibly shifted before you have to cancel you at the end.

Cornelia Bertram

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