Social Isolation: What helps against the Corona-bearing Koller?

“Hell is other people.” The quote from Jean-Paul Sartre receives in times of Corona on a whole new meaning.

Because many people spend a lot more time than usual with those who are actually your loved one. The strongest relationship to the test, warns psychologist Julia Scharnhorst.

But there are tips to make it through the weeks of social distancing – even for people who have no other to.

A conversation about long-term consequences of Isolation, meaningful projects, and fixed times to Worry about.

Woman Scharnhorst, many people are now at least five weeks at home – some alone, others with their families. We can prevent that, the ceiling falls on the head?

Juia Scharnhorst: So you can’t avoid. But there are things we can do to make it easier.

Because it is not just a matter of making the time more bearable – but also to prevent, therefore, any long-term damage.

We know from studies that the consequences of such isolation experiences often still two or three years later noticeably.

Some develop in the extreme case, in fact, a post-traumatic stress disorder, with a whole range of symptoms: irritability or sadness, exhaustion or a sleep disorder.

What is a bearing Koller is because, actually, from a psychological point of view?

Scharnhorst: There comes a whole range of symptoms. Once, of course, the fear before Contracting the disease, or to be sick, especially if someone is really in quarantine.

But some may also have a fear of supply shortages or to your financial future.

Then there is the feeling to be isolated in a proper quarantine might also be stigmatized. At the same time, it is a very long time with people with whom you spend otherwise for shorter periods of time.

And on top of that, the feeling of boredom, and especially in the case of children.

Now it affects not only the Individual, but a great many people at the same time, all over the country. That makes it better?

Scharnhorst: Yes, partly. At least in the potential sense of stigma is thus eliminated.

There is a heaven, but it makes a wide difference whether someone is on a voluntary basis in self-isolation, or in a from the health Department arranged quarantine.

What helps in both cases lead, in front of your eyes, that you commit a selfless act – I do not suffer, so that others suffering even worse. This makes it often already better.

What are the factors that can otherwise help to make the Isolation more bearable?

Scharnhorst: one thing is Clear: the shorter, the better. But it is important especially that you can estimate the duration.

If I know that I am now 14 days in quarantine, helps the already. In this respect, I find it very problematic that some of the provisions apply on an indefinite period of time.

But we also need General information: Who is in quarantine, wants to know whether he is infected or not – must therefore be as early as possible.

And what can I do to counter the threat of cabin fever?

Scharnhorst: I have the time to actively create and not just let it happen. So I need a Routine, a structure.

In the home office there may be, for example, fixed hours of work, for school children learning and play times.

And just when one is alone, it is important not to let yourself totally go. You can stay for a day or two without having taken a shower in my pajamas – that’s all it should be.

And how can we deal with this when it comes in pairs or family dispute?

Scharnhorst: A good place to start is to realize that conflicts are unavoidable. The closer you are, the more friction points there are. We know of Christmas or the holidays.

This Situation now is for all new, we have rules for this, not a fixed game. We have to negotiate so. I think it’s quite reasonable to make a war Council and discuss the neat – and not to trust only that which regulates by itself.

What you discuss there?

Scharnhorst: it is Important, for example, how the household work is divided, or how the time spends. Since it is quite okay, if everyone pulls back from time to time in its area, provided that the is.

You can’t squat around the clock for each other, that’s easy. And the new rules of the game should also not be set in stone: Maybe you try the easy times for three days and then a Council of war.

How dangerous is the insulation for people who are alone?

Scharnhorst: The very on the people and the Situation to – alone, to live means, of course, also to be alone.

But just because it is of course important to keep contact to other people. If you can’t visit grandma in the nursing home, to call you more often.

Because overall, it is important that we who could be us all the questions alone. Because often the feeling is forget to be very much more onerous than the actual insulation.

How to fill out the time for the best?

Scharnhorst: It is I think useful time also as an opportunity to take. Maybe there are projects to do from time to time: the spring cleaning, holiday pictures to sort, finally, this build is a shelf-ready.

Or just more good books.

What is important is not to just live aimlessly from day to day and not to make to many Worries. The breathlessness in the news or on social media can quickly cause a panic.

If this gets out of hand, you should hide it, at least in part – and perhaps also to Worry about fixed times set up.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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