Six-pack-Workout: these are the favorite AB exercises from Kayla Itsines

In order to achieve a steel body mid-office beautiful abdominal muscles, there is no way to the juicy Core Workouts.

As with all other muscle groups, it is also when the abdomen is important, that the muscle strands are subjected to within the Workouts for different Stimuli, the only way the structure is formed eventually.

If you can make some training inspiration, should you have a look on the Instagram Account of Kayla Itsines throw.


On this, the Fitness icon shares tips on a regular basis around the topics of Fitness and nutrition, and provides the necessary Motivation for more intensive exercise sessions.

Recent posted the Australian a Video in which you presented your loved one for 5 abdominal Exercises. The selected Exercises are at the front of the muscle strands.

All you need is a dumbbell. Kayla used Weights of between eight and 16 kg.

Instead of the Bank you can lie on the floor and you on a heavy, stable object behind your head hold on to.

Kayla Itsines shows you her favourite Exercises for the stomach:

“If you train the way you wanna like I do, aim for three rounds, each with 15 to 20 repetitions”, motivated the sports fan, and your Fans. “Let’s go!”

1. Folding knife

Put yourself on the back, so that your body forms a Straight line. Hold a barbell with arms outstretched behind your head.

Hoisting and lowering simultaneously both your legs as well as arms total weight. Your upper body remains completely on the Bank.

Eighth in the movements that your limbs are stretched really – it makes the abdominal muscles work harder.

2. Crunches

The Position you can maintain for the next Exercise, the same, the Crunches are performed very similar.

Together to run again, legs and arms in front of your body. Now the legs are bent, and the shoulder blades lifted slightly upward. Your belly should be permanently under tension.

Tip: in Order to feel even more contraction in the abdominal muscles, breathe out when deep.

3. The pelvic lifter

For this Exercise, you can put the weight aside. Attack instead of behind your head to a stable object you can hold.

Lifting with the strength of your abdominal muscles, your outstretched legs and lower back to the top, the soles of your feet point to the ceiling.

Roll from your back and lower your lower body back to the straight starting position.

4. Roll

This Exercise connects again to the previous one. Hold on behind your head, your whole back is on the bench or Mat.

Role you now by pulling your bent knee to your chest. Your lower back lifts slightly upwards.

5. Bench Jumps

With the last Exercise, you will not stählst only your muscles, you also have your heart rate doing tidy up.

Hold on with both hands to the side of the Bank and jump back up with a swing with the legs on this once in a while.

Keep your head in extension of the neck – you look so on your hands.

Cornelia Bertram

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