Running blog: how was your weekend running?

So, who spent the entire weekend watching sport, and who actually made it out of the front door to do some of their own? With temperatures here in the UK reaching new heights, most of us were probably nevertheless indoors on Sunday afternoon with the TV tuned to Wimbledon.

I had a very hot track session on Saturday morning and an even hotter 13-mile run through Richmond park, London, on Sunday – I was actually melting 10 miles in. Despite that, I did the last three miles quickest, simply because of my own stubbornness: having overtaken some chap (who for all I know was running 300 miles), he insisted on sitting on my shoulder, heavy breathing into my ear, for about half a mile.

Which leads me to a possibly rather controversial observation: there do seem to be quite a few men out there who don’t like being overtaken by a woman. Perhaps that’s unfair and they just don’t like being overtaken full stop (I know I don’t!), but it does only seem to happen with men: having approached from a good way back, you overtake, at which point they suddenly decide to try to stay with you, usually panting into your ear.

Personal space issues aside, what did you get up to? Tell us about your running, hot or cold, below the line as always.

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