Renegade diet: body fat and muscle mass to build up with this trend diet?

How do you lose fat and simultaneously builds muscle mass, to get a tighter and fitter body?

According to Fitness and diet expert Jason Feruggi from the USA, has been in the martial arts discipline of “Mixed Material Arts” (MMA) a name, with the so-called Renegade diet.

This is not a radical method, as quickly as possible as much as possible to lose weight, but a sustainable change in Diet in combination with sports.

Renegade-diet mixes well-known concepts

A healthy diet combined with intermittent fasting and exercise are the essential components of the Renegade diet of as many natural foods, and as little highly processed industry are to be consumed in the food.

It is not a question of certain foods to omit, or to prefer others.

Feruggia prescribed to his followers is also a daily Fitness Training.

Positive side effects of trend diet

Healthy, fresh food will only be eaten in a certain window of time and a lot of movement – is not so completely new, this tip really.

But recommended is the “new” concept is, after all, immune system, digestion and hormone balance should also benefit, such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats – everything is not, so it is in the Renegade diet is an extreme diet, but conscious.

The rules of the Renegade diet in Detail

The 16:8 interval fasting is only eaten in an eight hour window of time before 16 hours of fasting.

Feruggia recommends you to eat in the first four hours, only a little – 15 percent of daily calories (under eating), while in the four hours before the fast is eaten (Overeating).

In between, you should complete ideally the daily fitness program, which lasts 45 to 60 minutes.

Natural foods are trump card, which means vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, and in moderation fruit.

The recommended amount of calories per day is calculated from the body weight (in Anglo-American Pounds), multiplied by 12. Anyone who weighs 70 kilos, so 154 Pounds, could take, therefore, in 1848 calories per day.

In addition, you should pay attention to adequate sleep and excessive Stress avoid.

As simple as the diet sounds, should be the implementation. On its Website, Ferrugia says: “simplicity is the key to health, wealth and joy.”

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