Pure relaxation: These 7 tips can make a Massage to treat

FIT FOR FUN-expert Stephan Mary Schnitzius, licensed massage therapist, and a member of the German Wellness Association, reveals why massages are a treat for body and mind, how they affect the immune system and what you should consider before going on the couch.

1. The main reason for a Massage, muscle tension

“The effect of a Massage is much greater than to solve only the infamous muscle tension. Prior to all regular massages have a preventive effect in relation to injuries and diseases. You can even ensure that the blood pressure drops to a normal level.“

2. Professional massage can affect the mental balance

“In the treatment of relaxation and well-being in body and mind. Both influence each other. The purposeful touches to improve the perception of the body as well as lymph flow, metabolism, and can be used for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression.

The autonomic nervous system comes to rest, you can relax and let go. Also, the distribution of the cuddle hormone Oxytocin is activated by massage.

In addition to the mentioned effect on the Psyche and its influence on the body, one can imagine our body like a sponge that wants to constantly be pressed to a fresh and new way to absorb.

Generally, people who have frequent physical contact with others, physically and emotionally balanced, and under load, more stable than people who are less touched.

Massages support a strong immune system. All the benefits, but it does not only in case of regular repetitions.“

3. Hygiene and privacy should be in every Studio in the first place

“A professional Massage takes place in a clean environment. Prior to treatment contraindications should be queried and the products used are briefly introduced. The possibility of washing hands and Disinfecting must be given, in addition, removable covers for the massage beds.

The privacy is guaranteed at all times. The needs and the well-being of the guest are also requested during the treatment. Afterwards, it should be possible still to rest.“

4. The cradle of Massage is located in the Indian Ayurveda art of healing

“Ayurvedic massage I would describe as the mother ship of the Spa massages. Where Ayurveda is a healing art, and thus the medicine is to be assigned to, so in the Original, only on prescription and under the supervision of a doctor is to be executed. Here it is, in fact, very strongly also the right Oils that are used.

The Oil is not seen as a pure lubricant, but as an essential part of the therapy.

In a classic running Ayurvedic Massage is just a accessories, to bring the prescribed Oil in the body. But as a pure Wellness massage is suitable, for example, the Abhyanga-a Form perfectly (by the way, also in the case of Pregnant women, after consultation with the doctor).“

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5. More than just one-off effect

“The foot reflex zone massage is one of the most important massage for me, as we reach the pressure points on the feet the nerves and fascia of the whole body. This is even on your ear. Only you can work there with needles better than with the thumb, since the area to be treated is quite small.

Acupuncture is, however, reserved, in contrast to the acupressure the healing professions.

Still I would like to mention Shiatsu. This Form of acupressure takes place in the rule – as is the Thai Massage-clothed, and allows us, as therapists, even to guests that do not want to undress and Oil without.“

6. Well prepared in the treatment

“A Massage not to hard to eat, so that the body and the parasympathetic nervous system (op. d. Red.: responsible for to the efforts of recovering) are not a priority with the digestion of the employees. You go so tidy and mindful as possible in a treatment.

You show respect for the handler and your body. Also, to be a few minutes before the agreed time. Prior to the beginning of talk about needs, and contraindications.“

7. If you would like to lend a Hand yourself

“Massage should never be something Casual – like a secondary activity while watching TV. You can increase the mindful sensation by the fact that both persons keep their eyes during the Massage closed. Appropriate music can run in the Background.

Who feels in his body, it can also estimate how much pressure is appropriate and when reached a limit. I recommend slow movements, to remain in one place, and your own breathing into account.

Not to worry: The body is not broken – on the contrary, He speaks to us, quietly, for a long time before it is so far. And just massages help to us, this signals a better to exercise.“

Andreas Coenen

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