Placebo-sleeping: An unusual Trick that helps with lack of sleep

Sleep is anything other than a waste of Time, because while we rest, happens a lot in the body. It will be cleaned up, repaired and regenerated, what holds the stuff. If all goes well, we Wake up rested after seven or eight hours of sleep and be refreshed.

We have slept too little, we often feel tired, irritable and less efficient. But A new study shows that Faith can move mountains.

If you think that you slept well, you feel already fitter. How does the Placebo sleep?

US study investigates our perception of the quality of sleep

The College of Colorado examined the relationship of subjective perception of quality of sleep on well-being and performance and published his study in the 'Journal of Experimental Psychology‘.

Sure everyone knows the others who claim, with a certain penchant for melodrama again and again, to have at night no eye closed. Who wakes up occasionally or for a while, is awake, feels this phase is often as long – often they slept at the end of more than one might assume.

But it is precisely this type of Thinking is crucial to how we feel the next day. Who insists to have a good night’s sleep, which is automatically tired and unfocused, scientists say.

However, as it is Vice versa – you can think of the good sleep retroactively for?

So Placebo works-sleep

For their experiment, the scientists invited a group of students. In a lecture it was explained to the subjects, the relationship between cognitive performance and sleep quality, in particular sufficient REM sleep, which should ideally make up 25 percent of the sleep.

Then all of them were connected for the night to devices that should collect during your sleep data. However, this was just a Ruse – the machines do not fulfil these duties at all.

The next Morning the subjects filled questionnaires in which they state whether they had good or bad sleep.

Then you said a part of the students, that their REM-eighth of sleep, only 16.2 percent of their night’s rest was that they were so below average good night’s sleep. The other one said that they had 28.7 per cent REM-share an excellent night.

In subsequent Tests, the Numbers added up, and word-finding skills were tested, did those participants who had above average to certify a lot of REM sleep, significantly better than the REM-rate was reportedly low.

The test results seemed to have no connection with the self-assessment. That’s why the scientists coined the term Placebo-sleeping in the suspected sleep affects us in many ways more than the real one.

Your quality of sleep: Think positive!

Those who go out so he usually sleeps well, comes easier through the day. Of course, it is a good idea to go to bed on time and do everything to ensure that your sleep goes undisturbed, and you recovery provides.

However, your assumptions about your sleep are important. To be hypercritical and complaining that the night was too short, or restless, does not bring you more so.

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