Overtraining: 5 alarming signs that you are training too hard

To push with the motivating Cause of a coach beyond its limits, has many hobby athletes brought to the target.

But while the body can be initially, yet easily outwit, can provide complete Overtraining for unpleasant symptoms – which can make the training progress interrupt, and even sick.

The best-known effects of Overtraining are poor sleep, injuries that can put a over weeks and months out of action, and problems with weight loss.

5 signs of Overtraining

A Personal Trainer can interpret the signs of Overtraining though, do you train alone, you should know the warning signs of his body.

1. The Tracker gives an Alarm

Anyone who wears a pulse sensor, can detect quickly whether he überanstregt or still air upward has.

Most of the Tracker, the heart rate measure, the personal Maximum of the load.

Basically, Are reached about 80 percent of this maximum already, you are in a Cardio Workout in a good area in order to increase the endurance.

The closer one comes to the personal Maximum, the more you should shift into a lower gear, to avoid an Overload.

2. The stomach rebelled

Vomiting during Training is a clear warning signal of the body that you trained too hard.

The reason is that the body gets through the enormous effort enough oxygen to supply the muscles with enough lactate that is formed during the Training as a waste product in the muscles, can no longer be in the blood removed.

It accumulates in the blood and is manifested by Nausea and vomiting noticeable.

3. The execution of the Exercises suffers

Who has the feeling to have to Exercises cheating, to be able to create, is unable to cope with the Training, maybe.

Since the body is in this state particularly vulnerable to injuries, which means less lifting Weights, but any Exercise is technically clean run.

4. Pain

The legs burn off after an intense Legday on the next day on the staircase, is completely normal and is due to Lactate production in your muscles.

Should, however, already during Training, pain in joints and muscles is noticeable, it is a warning.

“From do you feel pain during your Workout, break your Training,” says sports medicine physician Dr. Jordan Metzl to Shape.

“You should never have pain during the workout,” he adds.

5. The breath

Those who Workout just after a extended HIIT needs a Moment to regain normal breathing, did everything right.

To rings after the Workout minutes in a complete state of rest is still in the air, not on the other hand can be a sign that something is wrong.

Katharina Klein

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