Lump in the neck, whence comes he, and what helps?

Many people know the feeling of having a lump in the throat. If the feeling occurs only occasionally, you can live well with it. Stressful but, if one has constantly the impression that a foreign body is seated in the neck.

“Who’s going to suffer, swallows often, complaining of voice disorders, or clears his throat often,” says Dr. Susanne Fleischer of the German voting clinic in Hamburg. The unpleasant feeling in the throat, which is referred to with the technical term as a “Globus sensation”, does not want to disappear in the Affected but also by such measures.

Where is the lump in the throat?

Often the persons Concerned in the consequence of different specialists investigate to find a cause that would explain the complaints. “The one who comes to us, often has a filing folder in which the investigations are documented,” says the expert.

In the suspicion of the thyroid gland, an Allergy to Pollen or house dust, a Reflux, in which stomach acid in the esophagus rises high, or a Problem with the sinuses are then, for example, enlarged tonsils,. “It is important, of course, such causes are ruled out,” says Fleischer. In many patients the unpleasant Kloßgefühl remains in the neck, but even then, if a putative cause has been treated, such as enlarged tonsils. (The smell of the mouth: 5 surprising causes of bad breath)

Reduces strain on the neck: a tense muscles

A typical cause for the feeling to have always a frog in the throat, on the other hand is a tense muscle, which keeps the larynx. “Typically, the complaints disappear, improve, or even if someone eats something or drinks,” says the expert. However, the Affected will feel the resistance in the neck especially evident when you “swallow empty” and / or saliva. (What to bring relaxing baths really for the muscles?)

The false tension of the muscles around the throat can have different causes. “An unfavorable voting technology includes, for example,” says Fleischer. Also a generally high level of tension can be reflected in the Form of a Kloßgefühls in the neck down. Is affected, above all, a muscle, also called the gullet lace. “It also fits that they say in the vernacular, for example, that an emotional Situation such as anger or sadness zuschnürt a the neck,” says the expert. Sometimes the feeling comes in strong tension, then, in addition to feel pressure on the chest.

By a lump in the neck can also resolve phlegm

If the throat lace-up is tense, no longer can the lips the vocal swing freely. “As a reaction, it is frequently a hem, if you want to talk,” says the expert. When you need to clear the throat or cough resolves, often a little mucus. Affected have sometimes suspected that you have a glued-on neck, and that this could be the cause of the complaints. “This phenomenon is normal, because the mucous membranes are moist in the neck is always something,” says Fleischer.

Often a vicious circle develops from the Globus sensation also with the time. When the muscle is overloaded in the neck, and then he is often not only when Speaking, but also in the rest severely strained. This leads to the fact that the neck and throat feel changed and that the unpleasant feeling is getting stronger. This increased perception, in turn increases the tension and thus the foreign body sensation is even stronger. (How important Vitamin C really is?)

How do you get the lump in the throat?

So what would help now against the unpleasant Kloßgefühl? “As a therapy it offers to resolve the false tension in the neck, specifically,” says Fleischer. The corresponding muscles are relaxed and stretched – this is necessarily in the hands of a Person who is trained for this. The best known technique for this is called Laryngeal Osteopathic Manipulation to Jacob Lieberman. The treatment takes around ten to 20 minutes, and often one session is enough, the vicious circle of tension around the larynx to break through. (Also read: Meditation: strength In only 10 minutes the whole body)

Also voice and singing therapeutic measures can be useful in some cases. They contribute to unnecessary tension of laryngeal muscles. In the long term, it can also help when patients learn relaxation techniques. It is important, however, to exclude in any case, before, for reasons other than a high level of muscle relaxation, such as an enlarged thyroid gland.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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