Lose weight in your sleep does it really work?

“Slim in sleep”, so, almost automatically and effortlessly lose weight, that sounds tempting. No wonder, then, that a 2006 published book with this title was a Bestseller. But in the bedroom can losing weight we really? “First of all, sleep is a highly active state, we consume depending on the age and sex of between 50 and 60 calories per hour. At an average of eight hours of sleep so that’s 400 to 480 calories,” says sleep expert Dr. Blind.

Active in his sleep

Why is that? Quite simply, While we sleep, work the body and brain. It is repair go to start programs, regeneration processes are initiated, Knowledge or skills such as movement sequences are stored and consolidated. And of course it costs to keep energy, our vital body functions such as heartbeat and breathing on the Run. (Also read: Better sleep: do not use in the evening on this food)

But why don’t we get at night as during the day every four to five hours of Hunger? “Responsible for the loss of the sense of Hunger during sleep the interaction between Ghrelin and Leptin is.” Ghrelin is a metabolic hormone that was only discovered in 1999. It is set by the mucous membrane of the stomach free, and exerts its effect, among other things, in the brain, where it is involved via the production of growth hormones. This hormone is important for many processes in the body are partly responsible: “Gherlin affects many processes: The diet, behavior, mood, and sleep. Ghrelin seduced to eat, since it affects those regions of the brain that trigger appetite. In addition, it delays the burning of fat. It is therefore a good candidate to increase the weight.”

Lose weight in your sleep by hormones?

The antagonist of Ghrelin is Leptin. We pour it while sleeping and the hunger to press and feel. In addition, we burn fat in your sleep – the required energy has to be somehow obtained. Thanks to this saturation of the hormone is it possible for people to sleep together, hanging six to eight hours. “Nature has developed the Leptin in order to allow us the needed sleep without eating interruption,” says sleep researcher.

So a healthy sleep is not already making a positive impact on our weight, because he gives us for several hours, even the ability to eat. Recent studies also prove the reverse: If we don’t sleep sufficient, such as, for example, often shift workers, we eat more than we actually need. (Read here why poor sleep makes you fat) people who sleep too little, take in a cut 300 to 500 calories per day more, and to take therefore. The expert summarizes: “just told you so that in your sleep, but you take to if you sleep too little.”

Poor sleep makes you fat

In addition, too little sleep not only leads to a higher calorie intake, because we are as we are awake, the opportunity to have something to eat, but also indirectly. We are sleep-deprived, we are often are uncontrolled and tend to be much more in-between snacking – and that means, unfortunately, mostly no fresh vegetables, but rather unhealthy foods such as chocolate bars, Chips and co.

The Trick is to sleep enough and to have this time for himself and his body of work. Here, for example, a well-planned dinner can help to promote the principle of “Slim in his sleep”. The questions you should ask yourself are: “How many hours in front of the sheep, you should not eat anything?” and “How much you have to sleep to lose weight?” (More on the topic of “Healthy sleep” can be found here)

Sleep to lose weight to use

Dr. Hans Günter Blind has the answers: “in the Evening you should select easily digestible food, then it is okay to eat up to two hours before bedtime. We eat but carbohydrate and rich in fat or flatulent food, such as cabbage, should we schedule prefer to four hours before bedtime the last meal.” Such experiences have made many of us self: A multi-course dinner in the Restaurant, in combination with alcoholic beverages, is often hard in the stomach and makes us long awake.

There are also no special foods that activate fat-burning at night – rather, we achieve this through a light, fat – and carbohydrate-poor meal. Because the body has to fall back while sleeping on the body’s own reserves to gain energy and the best source for our fat stores are. The respective required amount of Sleep is different for each individual, we feel rested and fit, we usually have enough sleep. (Also interesting: cigarettes, alcohol, or coffee? This disturbs the sleep at the most)

Healthy sleep and weight contexts, definitely

“The fact that the duration of sleep also decides on the abdominal circumference, it was in many studies, it’s scientifically proven,” explains the expert. In an American study of more than 6000 participants were questioned about their sleeping habits. The result: those Who slept in the night less than four hours, had a 73 percent greater risk of becoming fat. Five hours of average sleep increased the risk for Obesity by 50 percent. With a Sleep time of six hours, the risk of Obesity was as high as 23 percent. Persons with seven to nine hours of sleep, in contrast, showed no increased risk for Obesity. Who wants to be slim, the should so, during the day, not only from a balanced and healthy Breakfast, on his diet, he should in the evening go to bed early and so his body relaxed when Removing support. (Read also: how to Breakfast like a Champion)

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