Introducing One Of Australia's Hottest Trainers: Michael Webster

Full of surprises, Michael Webster, 35, is not what you’d expect from a Former British Royal Marine Commando. This Brit is all about fitness being fun.

“I like to get people outdoors in nature, [for] that balance of physical, mental and spiritual,” he says.

Michael believes health encompasses a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

“Being ex-military, I know how important the mental side of things is. If your brain’s not in the right place, your training definitely won’t be.”

He’s a tradie as well as a trainer, but is keen to go full-time fitness in 2018.

“I want to do more group training for outdoor events like Tough Mudder- [With my background] getting muddy’s all part of the fun!” Feeling tempted to get down and dirty? “For me, it’s all about the teamwork, so find a like-minded group and you’ll enjoy it.” 

Random Intrigue

Michael has the cutest French bulldog, Alfie, Double-tap over at @alfie.the.frenchie. 

Train like Michael

“Keep it simple- eat well, train smart and rest!” 

“Learn to move well and check in with a trainer before you start any kind of lifting. I had a back surgery so that’s why I push that advice so much.” 

See more of Michael on his Instagram @mike_webby_ 

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