In the case of new infectious cases: Corona-Tests for schools, daycare centers and nursing homes planned

Students, teachers, kindergarten children and their teachers could be strengthened in the future tested for the Coronavirus.

The planned expansion of Tests on people without symptoms should extend according to the Federal Ministry of health, among others, on these areas.

As a draft regulation of the Ministry of advanced testing shows that could be tested stations, therefore, in the future, “all persons in hospitals, nursing homes, food companies (e.g., battle), dining facilities, and community facilities (e.g. kindergartens and schools),” if there are cases with Covid-19 occurred.

The design had been given within the Federal government in the vote, said a spokesman. The regulation was retroactive to 14. May enter into force.

Corona Tests for patients without symptoms

Tests should also be possible for all that had contact with Infected. Arranged but they have to be previously by local health authorities.

The Bundestag and the Federal Council had decided in mid-may that the health insurance companies must in future also take over the costs for the Corona-testing (CA. 50 Euro) in people without symptoms.

So far, it is usually tested only when such infection is suspected.

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) said, according to the memo: “Even people without symptoms can transmit the Sars-CoV2-Virus. Therefore, it is useful to test the entire close environment, if infections are found.”

Especially for patients, residents and employees in nursing homes and hospitals could protect so much the better.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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