Full Body Workout: Extreme

No Gym? No Problem! Athletes spend much time in your own four walls, to work out, instead of in the gym.

And the big question: How can you continue to build muscles to lift without heavy Weights?

Fitness Youtuber, Sasha Huber has the solution: With your own body weight.

The highlight: 60 minutes by speed, so that the whole body comes to its cost.

In his latest Video, he shows in detail, how you without the heavy weights, each Muscle group can train and at the same time with effective Exercises new stimuli for the muscles to deliver.

Everything you need for the Workout is an exercise Mat, a towel and a raise, such as, for example, a chair.

Are you ready? Then go…

Short digging deeper: Who is Sasha Huber is?

“No Excuses!”, this is probably the favorite phrase of the Fitness Youtubers Sascha Huber.

Now 826.000 subscribers on YouTube, he provides his Fans with various of Videos in the field of nutrition and muscle building. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, under his Videos, everyone can find a suitable Workout.

The objective of Sascha is to support each of his subscribers with his personal goals – to be without going to expensive gyms or Equipment dependent.

With his new 60-minute full-body workout it is, especially in the current Corona-crisis, a great support and Inspiration for the athletes who want to continue in the own four walls of the muscles to new stimuli.

The muscle-building Workout

For each muscle group three Exercises are performed, each with three sets of 40 seconds, then 20 seconds of rest to follow.

The goal is to put up with short breaks, and maximum contraction a high muscle irritation and without fitness equipment.

If squats, push-UPS or Hammer Curls – none of the Exercises required additional weight, as you only with the burden of your own body weight to work.

The entire Workout lasts for 60 minutes. Grab your Mat, your towel, and an increase in and let’s go!

1. Legs

The biggest muscle first – leg muscles. The leg exercises consist of: Bulgaria Split Squat, pelvic lift, and calf raises. With these three Exercises, you cover the entire leg muscles optimally.

Especially the Bulgarian Split Squats are one of the most demanding Exercises in my leg workout and can easily compete with the normal squats.

For the execution you put one foot on an increase and doing a lunge. Now you perform the Bend by the rear knee absenkst to just above the ground.

This Exercise is a true all-rounder – on the one hand, you care for an intense contraction of the thigh and gluteal muscles. On the other hand, you stretch your hip flexors of the mounted leg. In combination with the other Exercises, the muscle soreness is guaranteed.

2. Chest

Who wants to train his chest without Weights, can do pushups nothing wrong. Through different variations, you can meet all of the shares of the chest muscles perfectly.

Therefore, the three Exercises of the workout are based solely from the sun.

So, you can through the classic push-UPS focus on the muscles, while you claim a increase in the legs, especially the upper chest.

Who are the pushups with your legs outstretched too heavy, it can perform on the knees or between the two variants to combine.

3. Back

You need to be able to no pull-UPS to train your back – the latissimus can be on easy with a towel to run. Put you on your stomach and stretch your legs.

Also your arms are outstretched to the front, and the both Ends hold your towel. Attempts in the towel so to pull apart as possible and pull it to the chest.

With this Exercise, you have already provided the broad back muscle optimally with Stimuli.

In order to make the entire back muscles, add to this the special variations of the Plank and the Superman – so that your back is supplied with targeted Stimuli.

4. Shoulder

The shoulder exercises focus on all areas of the shoulder, both the upper, lateral, or posterior head of the muscle is intensely irritated.

Particularly intense the Exercise, the lateral shoulder muscles is. For this purpose, you’re in a Plank. Now you’re leaning on an Arm and try yourself with your other Arm, into your body to screw.

Through the Rotation you loaded all the muscle strands of the lateral shoulder, and by the isolated execution for stronger contractions.

5. Biceps

You are your own resistance to exercise your biceps, you need to make you life hard. While you obey between the different Curls, tried your free Arm and a resistance for your biceps to make by pressing the user’s Arm down.

In order to provide each muscle strand with Charms, vary your Curls by your Daum pointing outwards, up or down. It is important that you keep trying the resistance through the free Arm, even if your biceps start to weaken already – so you can do without any dumbbells your biceps to Burn bring.

6. Triceps

Dips are probably the best Exercise for the triceps – also if you have gym equipment available. There are several variants to challenge the muscle.

Especially the increase for the Dips. For, in the Workout last triceps exercise, you support your weight with your arms on the chair and stretch your legs forward. Try slow and controlled, your body down and bend your arms.

It is important that your arms and your elbows stay on the body, so that you hit the muscle, but also pain in the elbows prevent.

7. Belly

The Best is yet to come – the abdominal workout. Who doesn’t want tight and toned stomach? Here, too, the Workout offers you a focus on the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles, so that all areas are covered.

The Exercises are Reverse Crunches, Russian Twists and Leg Raises will vary.

Even if the Workout took a lot of energy, it says here, once again, on the Gas – then, your body is supplied with new Stimuli and needs time to regenerate.

Michelle Steinmetz

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