End with a Chill: it helps with a cold nose

A cold nose is to the dark Season of the year is not unusual.

A lower blood circulation often comes.

The reason for this is that the blood is withdrawn from the extremities, especially the hands and feet but also the tip of the nose to prevent a potentially dangerous lowering of the temperature in the center of the body.

Cold nose in the Winter

The cold tip of the nose occurs usually in Winter, when it freezes anyway. Women, unfortunately, more cold (and cold noses) than men.

The changing levels of Estrogen, which cooperates with the temperature control that is good. In addition, the adipose tissue of women thin, making it cool down faster when the blood flow subsides.

In addition to winter temperatures, but also General blood circulation disorders, Stress, or low blood pressure the nose to cool. In all cases, you Will need the blood elsewhere in the body more than in the nose, it’s cold there.

If you are under Stress and the body takes this as a dangerous situation, prepares it to fight or flight – a relic of the past that is preserved until today.

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What to do about a cold nose?

These tips can help to a cold nose:


And from the outside and the inside. Clothing should best be attracted by the so-called “onion principle”, you should be able to take off quickly again, if it gets too hot. On the inside warm beverages such as ginger tea to help.

If you’re freezing after a long winter walk, bring a blanket or hot water bottle again to the correct operating temperature.

Reduce Stress

To declutter the calendar and treat yourself periods of rest, to ensure adequate sleep and doing relaxation exercises, can help to make the body less extreme, and react to Stress.

How about a Yoga session in the morning, to start relaxed in the day?

Improve blood circulation

Sauna, contrast showers, and spicy food stimulate the blood circulation overall. Blood circulation problems and low blood pressure are more pronounced, you should consult a doctor.

Cold nose and cold

In fact, both occur together – however, the cold nose is more of a trigger than the Symptom. A cold nose has a lower immune system, because the mucous cells do not work so well.

That’s why you should pay attention in the Winter, warm clothes and a hat to the head to keep warm. In the case of extremely cold Wind, you can wrap the nose with the scarf.

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