Don’t let December stop you running

December can be a difficult month to find time for exercise. The days get shorter, our lives get busier and the weather can be pretty nasty. Even as ultra-runners and triathlon coaches, like most people, we struggle with motivation. So for the past few years we have been knocking out the miles by taking part in an AdventRunning challenge with a handful of friends. This year, we have opened it up to anyone who wants to take part. So far, nearly 500 people have signed up.

The concept is very simple. The aim is to run every day from 1 to 25 December. The only rule is that a run should be at least 30 minutes long. We don’t mind how far or how fast; in fact for people new to running we’d suggest starting with a brisk walk. The idea is simply to encourage people to find time in their hectic lives to do some exercise. And have fun doing so in the process.

AdventRunning is primarily supported on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) but we also have a number of events to help runners stay on track during the challenge. These led runs are based in London and details can be found on Facebook and our website. Excitingly, we have also been contacted by groups in Cardiff, Glasgow and Norway who are joining the challenge and plan to host their own running events. We are thrilled the concept has taken off like this.

Another incentive to keep runners engaged is a daily spot prize. Each day we ask AdventRunners to document their runs in photo, written or video form and post them on social media. The best one(s) each day will receive a small prize. We’ve got some great prizes lined up from big brands and also smaller companies such as Pact Coffee, LED Lenser lights and Like The Wind Magazine.

Getting involved is very easy. To enter for one of the prizes you need to take part on social media. We also have an AdventRunning group on Strava for those who are competitive and want to compare themselves with others. However, neither of these things are a prerequisite to taking part, and at the most basic level, you simply need a watch and a pair of running shoes. Scribbling down times on a piece of paper and sticking it on the fridge still counts.

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