Diets are shit: nutrition coach answered 5 important questions for losing weight

On the Internet countless tips and Tricks to help you slimming willing to reach your desired weight quickly circulate sheer.

Some of them are actually effective, but there are also a variety of useless Instructions that are not able to support the body during the slimming process in the long term, and in some cases even be unhealthy.

The result of the unpleasant yo-Yo effect is then often.

Each slimming process is individually

That Slimming in truth, however, is not at all complicated, makes nutrition coach Moritz Fiebig in the Interview.

In this he answered, Remove the five elemental questions about the topic. His motto: Progression instead of perfection.

After all, who wants to be healthy and in the long term, reduce its weight, should respond to the individual needs of one’s own body, and not too much pressure on them.

1. What is the biggest mistake in a diet?

Anyone who is too strict on the calories and his body with too little energy supplies, sabotaging himself. Therefore, Fiebig strongly advises against Crash diets.

This would not be a healthy weight loss result, but would only make for a bad sleep, Tired, and food cravings.

The expert generally advises against to lose to quickly a lot of weight, just to get the last minute of the Bikini body a little closer.

Instead, you should try, in the long term, habits to change, to nurture in order to target the desired weight.

"I always say: 'Diets are scheiße'", reveals Fiebig. "Instead, I strive always to change your Diet."

2. How strictly you need to pay attention to the diet?

"The second error would be to wollen&quot always give 100%;, the Coach explains. "This perfection cannot be achieved, because there is always something in between can come."

Through this thorough Action, you could quickly forget that the food is supposed to be a friend and not an enemy.

Instead of each favorite food and to resist all the Goodies, should you appreciate the occasional Feast value and once-a-week "freie" Meal treat, you want – even with dessert.

"My goal Progression instead of Perfektion&quot is;, explains Fiebig. "I want us to go piece by piece in the right direction, and not to seek perfection. Which is, in fact, an Illusion."

3. Should you count calories?

Of the habit to track the calories of food permanently, discourages Fiebig. Because "someone, the tracks been longer, eat only Packaged. And these are only products and no food."

It would also tend by this habit quickly, to attack again and again the same ingredients. "The Variation is no longer there then."

Exactly this Variation, however, is recommended. Because the organism reacts sensitively to a limited selection of foods – resulting in incompatibilities may result.

4. How important is sleep?

"Sleep is definitely the most basic and one of the most important points when you tackle the topic of weight loss will", explains Fiebig. In a needs pyramid, he would sleep, therefore, also always at the very bottom, to settle.

Especially for athletes, sleep is essential. Because during the night’s sleep various restorative processes in the body – so also is the Regeneration, which is for muscle building is crucial.

"If we get too little sleep, is ausgeschüttet&quot also too little Leptin;, the expert knows. Who has too little of this hormone in the body, suffer during the day, often under cravings.

Fiebig, therefore, recommends that athletes should rest at least eight hours and Non-athletes, between seven and eight hours.

5. The Top 5 foods to lose weight?

Fiebigs favorite food, the Hiking, in any case, in his shopping basket, and all of them are true protein bombs:

  • Broccoli
  • Skyr
  • Eggs
  • Nuts (especially almonds or Brazil nuts)
  • Avocado

Thus, not only on the number of Calories, but especially on the healthy nutrients that strengthen the body from the inside out.