Best-selling author in the Interview: losing weight with the bread and cakes? Yes, definitely

From the No-Name author to the Bestseller overnight: Güldane-old Kruger has with her books "Lose weight with bread and Kuchen" achieved what many dream of.

Without a publisher, with a Mini-Budget, and without nutritional knowledge, she has developed recipes, and photographed herself, wrote the texts, took care alone of the Layout, Packed and shipped their books – and with huge success.

In an Interview with FIT FOR FUN, the Self-made woman, what is special to your baking books tell you why anyone can really lose weight with bread and cake and how it feels from your own power within a year, over 200,000 books sold.

FIT FOR FUN: woman old Kruger, currently there are more than 270,000 copies sold – you can realize your success already?

Old Kruger: It feels now, in retrospect, even insane, as we both – my husband and I – it’s not right believe what we are in the last 16 months, all managed.

We have months hardly slept, have just Packed the books and shipped. We were really driven and are very proud of what we have done with our little start-up capital of 5000 Euro in the end Large.

In the meantime, we have our own publishing house, have are our own master and can decide alone on how we proceed. It just feels incredibly good.

FIT FOR FUN: what was your first baking book “Slimming with bread and cake” – there was a sticking point?

Old Krueger: Through the two pregnancies I have in the last few years, a total of 25 kilograms. Something had to be done.

But the real sticking point was that I’m constantly failed in all the many diets – from Low Carb to achieve Weight Watchers – always the big sacrifice of bread and cakes. It was to Despair.

I got used for 40 years to my food and had to actually find just healthier Alternatives – so my Thinking was. Weight Watchers I’ve noticed that all the dishes are very fiber – and protein-rich.

I read in addition to smart, how could I implement this philosophy in the case of bread and cake since I came across oat bran, the shell of the Haferkorns.

FIT FOR FUN: Is oat bran the secret ingredient?

Old Kruger: oat bran, I use really as a Flour replacement. It is my personal Superfood. My main focus was in the recipe development on fiber and proteins. The breads and cakes hold a lot of fuller for longer.

And Best of all, protein-rich foods are with weight loss especially helpful because the body uses your digestive energy.

Oat bran has scary a lot of fiber – much more than oatmeal. In addition, it contains high amounts of Beta-Glucan, which binds the bile acid in the intestine and at the same time cholesterol from the body washed away. Then the cholesterol will improve values.

Diabetics also benefit from Beta Glucan because it has a blood sugar lowering effect. Another advantage is that oat bran is rich in protein as wheat flour.

FIT FOR FUN: wheat is absolutely taboo?

Old Kruger: no, no,, complete wheat flour to renounce, is not. Since some of the recipes, otherwise, the taste is missing – and without the great taste, you eat bread maybe once or twice. But then, that was it. And I wanted to create recipes that me permanently taste and at the same time healthy.

I use more wheat bran instead of wheat flour. Luckily, this is a thousand times healthier.

Alternatively spelt bran would still be possible. I have decided, however, as spelt bran is hard to find in supermarkets or drug stores to.

And my big concern is that all the recipes are very simple without a lot of effort to bake.

FIT FOR FUN: you put in at the same time also psyllium husks. What is so special about them?

Old Kruger: psyllium seed husks also provide dietary fiber, but the main task is actually the binding of the dough. Since I use for my recipes as little flour as possible, would the doughs without the psyllium seed husks easy to liquid.

By you sources, the dough is wonderful on. Thanks to the psyllium husks you hold the loaves of bread and rolls really, really tired of and do your intestinal flora something Good.

For cakes however, they are less suitable, since they have a more intense taste of its own.

FIT FOR FUN: In your books, you give no indication as to the nature of the Sweet – is there a particular reason for this?

Old Krueger: One Directive I give before: there should be no refined sugar to be. Otherwise, I leave it to my readers*inside, on which sugar substitute you want to use – whether erythritol, Stevia, xylitol, or Sweetener.

In my second book I explain at the outset, what is materials back to the individual Exchange, and how much grams of 100 grams of sugar replace.

For example, you can replace sugar one-to-one with xylitol. Stevia is 300 times as sweet as sugar. Therefore, 100 grams of sugar correspond to the granules in at just 0.3 g of Stevia powder, or 65 g of Stevia.

Some of it is controversial, there are many tastes, preferences and price categories – for example, a kilogram costs erythritol loose change 18 Euro. Others refuse to sugar substitutes.

Therefore, I didn’t want my top down reader*say: “Take that, that’s great.” Because I myself can not say one hundred percent, that is healthy and not healthy.

What I do know, is that a sugar alternative in any case is healthier.

FIT FOR FUN: what is the sugar alternative or natural Süßungsarten you personally the most?

Old Kruger: My favorite sweet are xylitol and erythritol, wherein I xylitol still prefer something like. They both have their advantages. Erythritol is absolutely low in calories. Xylitol prevents tooth decay.

FIT FOR FUN: Could you reduce with the strategy of “wheat, to sugar, to refuse” to lose weight?

Old Kruger: Oh, Yes. I lost in a year, 18 kg and I had for the first Time, the feeling that I had to miss out on anything. I found cooking is never difficult, and I actually have been cooking ever healthy.

But the baking was really a challenge – a healthy, to develop low-calorie breads and cakes, was not so easy.

FIT FOR FUN: 18 kilograms are remarkable. Were you able to keep the weight off?

Old Krueger: I must confess that I have in the last year alone, five kilograms had increased. Because to Remove not only the calories, belongs to count, but also time.

The diet deal to look forward to the food, focused shop, cook regularly even fresh and rituals create – I did all of that in the last year. I didn’t have time absolutely.

I have sometimes noticed only at 22 o’clock, that I haven’t eaten all day. Crazy. And then eaten, of course, late in the evening it was a great deal.

Or was I on the basis of Interviews quite often on-the-go, or was invited to the food – I ate so irregular, or still do it, so I could not implement my routines. On top of the sleep still came. Today for example, I was able to sleep only five hours maximum – and notice the body.

As I said, it is not only the healthy diet that promotes Slimming, but also the internal Serenity, of the everyday life and Routine play a large role.

FIT FOR FUN: Has change for you in terms of mental strength and intestinal health, also?

Old Kruger: Yes, due to the change of Diet – rich in fiber, rich in protein, no sugar and hardly any wheat flour, I have no unpleasant feeling of fullness more as before. I didn’t know, for example, before that I have a wheat intolerance.

The cakes and breads that I bake now, I can stand being so incredibly good. No Grumbling more and more. This was confirmed to me by thousands of my readers to make.

The other day, said a reader, to me, is that it has a sorbitol intolerance, and that my buns are the only buns that you can tolerate.

The power rolls are also among my favorite recipes, most recently, as a baking mix available.

Or a woman who suffers from Multiple sclerosis (MS), reported that they may have become with the help of my recipes finally your low-carbohydrate diet and their blood values are so good that you need to take no more pills – that fills me deeply with Pride.

Of many diabetics, I hear that you are so grateful to finally be able to back bread and cakes, food. I had not expected at all, because it went to me in advance just to lose weight.

For all I love sharing it with my followers on Instagram.

FIT FOR FUN: Speaking of which, are you on Instagram also very successful on the way to be a 59.4 k Followers exactly. (Status: 14.02.2020)

Old Krueger: I had two years ago, no idea of Social Media. Initially, I posted my first successful recipes for Weight Watchers – as happy as I was. The pastries are pushed quickly to appeal.

Until some comrade-in-arms*no more said to me: “I am with Weight Watchers, but you couldn’t post your recipes in Instagram still?”

So, I signed up for Instagram and my bread and cake recipes to be published.

It turned out great. Within half a year, I had to Please thousands of Followers, who told me at some point in turn: “please, do it for all of your ideas in a book.”

Thus, my follow had laughs shaft actually, the idea with the baking books and not me ().

FIT FOR FUN: have you Had for this because the time?

Old Krueger: I was anyway in a neuorietierung phase and thought about what I after the Parental leave could make.

My old career in sales at the Staatsoper, and I could not make it due to shift work. Therefore, I have taken the idea with the cook book is really in attack. Without A Publisher.

FIT FOR FUN: How you can implement it in the reality?

Old Kruger: My first step was to buy me a lot of baking books to see how they are constructed and what the importance was. Step two: I downloaded a free layout software, to design my own book.

In addition, I have spoken with my husband, how much Budget our budget will bear – our start-up capital was 5000 Euro. That was enough only for the book printing – graphic artists and copy-editing would have blown the Budget.

In addition, I made a training in the area of Online Marketing and also a HTML-course – the labour office supported me, so that I myself my own Homepage 'The Wölkchenbäckerei' could build, to my planned books to sell.

After that, it went to the Full: self-baked, photographed, laid out and written. And found out, finally, I how to create an ISDN number and a buyer account with Amazon.

So, and then only printed 1000 copies had to be brought to the woman and to the man.

FIT FOR FUN: How long you had to wait until the first book sold?

Old Kruger: Surprisingly, not long. In the evening I announced in the case of Instagram, that my book is now available via Amazon.

The next Morning I had already sold a best-selling Button on my book and the night of approximately 250 books. Just unbelievable. The 1,000 books were sold out within three days.

The Curious: Amazon thereupon blocked my Account because I was a new seller with no previous customer reviews and it still managed to sell in just a few hours, so many books. That was suspicious of easy.

I was able to control the happiness of all. (laughs)

After that, everything was overturned: the press and television reported. Publishers wanted to support me. The support I have rejected, however, gratefully.

FIT FOR FUN: How often do you bake for yourself and your family?

Old Krueger: The pleasure of baking is still there. I bake incredibly happy. My three year old daughter loves it and always wants to help very much.

There are really delicious children’s recipes without Sugar, the taste of many children. Instead of sugar, a ripe banana or a grated Apple stirred into the dough – you will notice the flavor is hardly a difference.

FIT FOR FUN: you may still be Cheat Days – for example, if you want to go with family and friends eating?

Old Krueger: Yes, right, again and again. It can’t be, to feel each Time as the underdog, if one is with family and friends. This iron waiver is only briefly sustainable.

In turn, you should treat yourself to every day a piece of cake – that doesn’t work for me. But every now and again – Yes, definitely. The you also need for the soul.

My advice: You have to get it in your head that it is not the diet or the diet is an exception, but that greasy or sugary food is an exception.

That healthy eating is part of everyday life and that you can create with chocolate or birthday cake rather exceptions.Thank you, Mrs old Kruger for the exciting and informative Interview.

The mother of two, hobby Baker and best-selling author with her two baking books "Lose weight with bread and Kuchen" the nerve of the time taken – long-term, healthy diet without the waiver.

The simple, quick recipes are ideal ingredients for baking beginners*indoor, professionals, families, and Amateur bakers*on the inside and the sweet and savoury delights, a successful Mix of a full – fledged, low-calorie, fiber-and protein-rich.

In a nutshell: healthy, easy, and pretty tasty.

Andra Schmidt

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