Arch support to runners knee: what are the deposits while Jogging make sense?

In case of complaints of the feet or legs of the runners with deposits against taxes.

“Then it may make sense to buy a slightly bigger Shoe and get a matching contribution,” says the orthopaedic surgeon Patrik stimuli.

What the expert advises against, but not to buy Regular deposits, because a running Shoe fits properly. Then it is clever to get a really good fitting Shoe.

In many cases, can make deposits to but help: For flat or splay feet joint, for example, or in the case of instability, discomfort in the ankle. The meeting mostly people who are already hurt his ankle more often.

Also, in the X-legs after meniscal injuries, pain at the knee outer side due to an Overload on the Iliotibial tract (Iliotibial band syndrome), or instability following a cruciate ligament special inlay could tear the soles to be an Option to count stimuli.

“It’s about to have a cushioning for the muscles,” explains the medical Director of the clinic for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery at the Klinikum Stuttgart.

Mainly deposits there were to Fußfehlbildungen or different leg lengths as well as body axes to the hull to stabilize.

For mild problems, there is a good supply of deposits in the trade. Otherwise, you should prefer to go to a specialist, advises stimuli – so as an orthopaedic technician.

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