According to the study: Small men make better partners

A study from the United States of Conley et al. (University of Michigan) found that the body size of the man not only to the time of his marriage, and the qualities of the wife, but also to his behavior within the relationship statistically significant impact.

Then, as now: size matters

In a study sample of 4,500 pairs of men in the age were categorized between 23 and 45 in the years 1986 and 2009 in terms of their size compared to other men, and in comparison to their partners.

The group of the small men included those who were below the average, which amounted in 1986 to about 168 cm or less, and in 2009, 170 cm or less.

As a major in 1986, men were 185 cm or greater, and in 2009, those whose size was close to 188 cm or more were considered.

While in 1986, 92.7 percent of men were taller than their partners, in 2009 it was statistically insignificant less, namely, to 92.2 percent.

For both time points and both comparison groups were found significant differences for marriage timing, partner choice and behavior in the marriage.

Male body size as a relevant Dating factor

Tall and dark-haired, he’s supposed to be. So a popular indication is that when women describe how you imagine your dream man.

A study from 2011 suggests that on the part that relates to the size of something is. Women prefer tall men.

Conley et al. found that this in turn has influence on the behaviour of small men have (relative to body size of other men).

Marry this rare and poor-educated women than on average, and large men.

Researchers see a connection between size and Dating success; you speak of a size-based hierarchy among Single men.

Small men have more stable marriages

Little men marry on average later. Your Chance to get married, it rises only after the 30. Years of age on the level of average-sized men.

Once married, but also less likely to divorce. The risk of divorce is in the case of small men, 32 percent lower than in the case of average big men.

From this it can be concluded that the marriage with a small man is more stable.

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Strict little men more?

It is the prejudice circulating that small men would make more of an effort.

For example, in the case of the Variable income, it shows that little men actually earn more than an average of an average and large men.

The researchers, therefore, the hypothesis that small men put their masculinity differently and, in a sense, your body size on a high income to compensate.

This is not, however, automatically, you try more.

It comes to household tasks, the study was able to show that small men take on less obligations.

Gender theories suggest that this is another strategy to compensate for the smaller body size.

This is due to the fact that tall men are perceived as more masculine and little men do not want to weaken their masculinity through the execution of femininity associated financial obligations even further.


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