Five tips for more hair volume

Almost every second woman, and many a man complains üabout too little volume on the head. Read here what are the Tricks for fine hair more Fülle spells

Curls gew&uuml splendor;want to get? A few Tricks help to create more volume

Two to three hundredths of a Millimeter, so little separates fine hair from normal Haar­thickness. What sounds like a hint of nothing, makes a huge optical difference. Not for nothing wüalmost every second woman want to get yourself according to surveys, more substance on the head. And many a man does not afflict only the slowly-spreading a receding hairline.

Unfortunately, the diameter of our hair is determined genetically and that in order not to ächange. "When Haar­can tricksen&quot volume one but outstanding;, Ma&shy says;thias Napp, a hairdresser’s salon, master and technical Manager of the German hairdressing Academy. "With care and Styling­products, hairstyles and hair colors, you achieved a whole lot."

In the following fünf places decides how much Fülle in our fine hair l&auml spells;sst:

In the hair salon on short cuts

To Schlüsselbein – this is the Länge, the hairdresser Napp go through lässt. Grundsäin addition l&auml: The;Viking, the hair, the heavier it is and the less volume l&auml is;sst. Who is with his fine hair, dissatisfied, and so on külower level of cuts.

"K&ouml help;can gröbere structures, fringes and steps at the Oberkopf", as Napp. "The Grundläthe length must, however, remain full. Ausdücan’t do that." To do this, Napp recommends a hairstyle for me Strärise up and color contrasts: "Dark drückt, bright highlights. Fäyou rbt the approach is darker than the Längen and tips, you can visually Höhen and Deep. So the hair looks the same after more." 

In the shower: Zurückhaltung care products

When it comes to the care of dünnem hair, tatsäactually less is more. "Who wants to bring volume to the head, should any products with Rückfettern and plasticizers verwenden", Mathias Napp says. "Also Intensiv­care products are often too much of a Good thing, you complain about the hair unnötig." Heidi Bent­ler-Brugger, a pharmacist in Freiburg, recommends that if you have fine hair, especially mild care products without Silikon­öle. "Do not put the hair and not complain about it."

Special volume of products zusä- momentum: "Recommended especially Sp&uuml are;lungs and Condi­tioner, the hair after the Wäcal on a natünatural pH-value bringen", so Mathias Napp. The Barber rät außerdem not to wash hair every day. "On the second day, they are grippy, and volume ­­conjures easier on the head."

Förise up: The volume booster from the wall outlet

With Föstand up läsome sst: hair kopfüber hängen.and the airflow towards the hair tip, so the Fu&szlig…the ground, up. "The generated Glanz", Napp says. A zusämore sensitive volume booster from the outlet of the crimping iron. "A great thing to Glück again auflebt", as the Barber. Be tip: the individual areas below the top coat only on the approach creping. "This technique creates twice as much hair on the head, without that you can see waves." 

When Styling in front of the mirror, less is more

Also when Styling Zur&uuml is;ckhaltung. Napp: "No wax, no Öl – the hair weighed down. Of specific volume of products, it needs only very small portions of the tips." His favorite Trick: ­­A dry shampoo. "The simple approach is to RUB the powder &uuml absorbed;berschüthe unnecessary fat and gives the Mähne more."

Heidi Bent­ler-Brugger has a further tip: ­Lösolutions applying plant based on the scalp. "They contain, for example, onion extract, ­­Lemon, Guarana and cocoa. In this combination, they act as antioxidants and stäthe root of the hair enhance." 

On the dining room table müshot Nänutritional für the keratin formation

From the inside läsome bewir&shy sst also;ken, a pharmacist Bent­ler-Brugger. "A good supply of Nährstoffen is important in order to obtain the density and softness of the hair." Who üabout the Ernäcurrency is not f&uuml creates, ;r there is in the pharmacy Präparate, which blocks the formation of hair one Keratin unterstüsupport. The Mikronänutrients to help the Haarqualitäto improve t.